Inspire Your Ideal Client

Happy #MakeWavesMonday, Dolls! Another week lies in front of us, just chock full of fabulous potential…potential to create your best business and self! 

Over the past few weeks, we’ve devoted Mondays to unraveling The Unicorn Guide—a “how-to” manual for creating and maintaining a creative business with ZERO competition. And today, in our latest and greatest installment to The Unicorn Guide series, we’ll be discussing how to inspire your ideal client… a necessary fundamental in building a successful AND authentic business. 

In past installments, we’ve spoken about understanding your authentic brand and the idea of never doubting yourself. But, as you confidently run “full steam ahead” with your creative business, we ask you this: what are you doing to inspire and attract your ideal clientele? This is key, sweet friends!

Your niche clientele consists of people much like you.

They share a similar aesthetic with you; they are inspired to create by the same things as you; and they find beauty in the same things that you do. Not only are these people your target audience and biggest fans, they serve another significant purpose…they’re your best source of inspiration, too! Working with like-minded people, who understand your authentic brand and align with it, can really spur your creativity to new heights! 

Moreover, the way in which you are able to reach this select group of people is truly what sets you and your business apart. The ability to inspire these potential clients to the point where they reach out to YOU will be the very reason why they decide to work with YOUR creative business, rather than the competition. And, in this thriving era of social media, there are so many ways in which you can inspire your ideal client!

Our favorite way to connect with new, like-minded people is through Instagram. For Caroline and her brand, this is an incredible portal through which she can find and inspire potential clients! Instagram is her “safe place”—where she can share her heart with the world, and be her unique, authentic, and FABULOUS self!

In fact, it is a rare occurrence nowadays for Caroline to meet her client in-person BEFORE they’ve signed a contract with POSH PR®. We honestly believe that much of this stems from the true connection that these Dolls have made with my brand, and how it has inspired them. After all, being an inspiration to your ideal client is the ULTIMATE competition killer! 

Now, go forth, sweet friends…and make that creative business prosper!