Ten Thousand And Growing!

As Jay-Z famously sang, “You can’t knock the hustle.” …and we couldn’t agree more! So, throw the confetti and twirl in your tulle... HOORAY FOR 10K!

Building a business takes a lot of work. You start with a dream, then follows the plan—and, before you know it, you’re working 18 hour days and worrying about your business being “brand authentic”! And, in this era dominated by technology, creating a unique and successful business doesn’t begin and end with a quality product or service. You also have to worry about building a website, establishing an appealing and informative social media presence, and differentiating your business from that of your competitors! (Goodness! Simply thinking about it all is overwhelming!). However, all of this is to say…the HUSTLE is alive and well, my friends. And, here at POSH PR® and The Caroline Doll, we’re reminded of that daily!

Perhaps that’s why we are all so incredibly excited to announce that, as of last week, we’ve reached 10,000 followers on Instagram (EEEK!)! To us, this is so much more than a major milestone…it’s a dream come true. When Caroline Birgmann started this company three years ago, she had no idea what to expect. All that she knew was she was incredible at planning events, talented with networking and promotions, and seriously driven. She wanted to be an entrepreneur. She wanted to use her God-given gifts to inspire people. And she wanted to live authentically—her business in perfect alignment with all the things that she loved...fashion, PR, helping people, pink, planning, glitter, being creative and educating fellow creatives. Now, that’s a tall order to fill in twenty years…let alone three! However, Caroline is a true BOSSLADY. She worked ridiculously long hours, rarely took a day off, and sacrificed any semblance of a leisurely life…but she made it happen. Success is especially sweet when it’s hard earned, friends—and you can take Caroline’s word on that!

“I am so beyond thrilled to reach this milestone!  I always wondered what it would be like to have that little “k” next to my name on Instagram!  No, this number does not define me. However, it is my confirmation that this little dream of mine is now a reality. It is confirmation that I did it and have inspired you along the way. This simply proves that the world needs a little more pink and a touch of glamour!  In all seriousness, I could not do this without you. Every single day, this hustle, could not be done alone.  Thank you for believing in me!” xo Caroline

Regardless of where you are in your career, don’t ever lose hope…not even for a moment. Hard work and persistence can get you further than you’ve ever imagined…our newest achievement has proven that!  Regina Brett said it best when she wrote, “No matter how you feel: get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.” We have faith in you, Dolls…reach for the stars!