Ignite: It's Time to Set Your World on Fire!

In order to purposefully move forward—in both your career and personal life—growth is essential. And, while many hope to advance their careers by staying abreast of the latest technological advances and trade news, they fail to realize that fostering personal growth can be even more empowering. Honestly, what better way to build something truly wonderful than by starting with a solid foundation? Well, YOU are that foundation, sweet friends! 

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why our wonderful CEO, Miss Caroline Birgmann, is always searching for opportunities to further our team’s education and re-awaken our creativity. When you work for (or own!) a small, creative business, you’re constantly having to create and re-create unique and quality content that’s on-brand. This can be such fulfilling work…but it really takes a lot out of you—both mentally AND creatively! So, in the spirit of re-filling your “creativity tank”, we’d like to share an exciting new opportunity for you Dolls to strengthen that foundation! 

On April 28, 2016, Inner Glow Circle (IGC) is hosting its very first IGNITE event: a women’s leadership and empowerment seminar in Washington, D.C.! Inner Glow Circle is a brilliant business that specializes in life-coaching that inspires and empowers women. More importantly, though, it is a powerful sisterhood designed to support and guide you as you mastermind a plan to grow your life and career. So, when they asked us to not only sponsor, but to actually collaborate with them on this event, we were beyond thrilled! Lasting from 6:00 pm until 9:30 pm, IGNITE will provide you with life-changing tools to create the life you’ve always envisioned—a life that’s truly on your terms! Moreover, we’d like to take the opportunity to announce that our sweet Caroline Birgmann isn’t simply an MC at this event—she’s also a featured speaker on a subject near and dear to her heart: Pretty Tough! Personally, I absolutely cannot wait to hear, learn, and be inspired by each and every one of the 10 INCREDIBLE women that will speak at this seminar!

PS: Our sweet friend Katie DePaola, the CEO + mastermind behind IGC and the heart behind Ignite, has a story that will change your life! 

The Inner Glow Circle’s IGNITE event only has 50 available seats. So, if you could use a little inspirational refill (and let’s be real…who doesn’t?!), head on over to www.innerglowcircle.com/ignite and purchase your tickets to this can’t-miss event, today! After all, we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

Hope to see you there!