How To Pack Like A Boss Lady On The Go

Happy Friday, sweet friends…and welcome to what is, hopefully, the end of your workweek! This morning, when I started planning for next week (a little crazy…but so necessary!), I realized that our sweet CEO Caroline will be out of the office all of next week—traveling with a PR client. While I absolutely LOVE the fact that she gets to help our wonderful clients AND see the world, I know that she must be overwhelmed with all the careful planning that it takes to take your ENTIRE office on the go. As we’ve said countless times, being a Boss Lady is hard work; however, when you add to that the countless pressures that come from always being “on-the-go”, you’ve got yourself a truly tough situation. 

So, for all of you hardworking Dolls out there, we’d like to share five of Caroline’s tips and tricks for packing like a Boss Lady on the go! 

1.    Plan To Stay Connected

When you’re far removed from your office, it’s difficult to ensure that you’ll have access to all that you need to successfully run your business while you’re away. However, planning ahead can relieve a lot of this stressful burden. For instance, learn how to create a personal hotspot on your phone. If airport Wi-Fi is being flight (…which is almost ALWAYS), you’ll be properly equipped to pull out your computer and work wherever you are! 

2.     Always Be Prepared

Much like boy scouts, boss ladies have to be prepared for every possible scenario…like the aforementioned faulty airport Wi-Fi. In an effort to do this, y0u must account for the fact that, if you’re checking a bag, there’s a good chance that it won’t arrive at the time or place that you do. Therefore, ALWAYS pack the chargers for both your computer and phone. And, if possible, scan all of the documents that you’re going to need—that aren’t already on your computer—onto iCloud drive, or something similar. If you do this, you won’t need to tote client files, flow charts, or any other informational document along with you in order to complete your projects for the week. After all, you’ve got enough baggage to worry about!

3.    Pack Realistically

We know, we know! As a petite woman, I can truly understand the allure of heels—the desire to appear taller, leggier, and all ‘round more fabulous is only natural to me. Yet, when you’re traveling, you never know what kind of situation or weather may surprise you. While a gorgeous pair of heels may fit your persona and brand to a “T”, they’re not exactly the kind of shoes that you want to get caught in when the downpour starts, there’s not an Uber in sight, and the subway has stopped running! So, just in case, pack a pair of comfortable flats in your carry-on bag…no boss lady functions as well with sore feet!

4.    Keep Your Clients Informed

When your career literally depends on maintaining a respectful, well-functioning relationship with your clients, you must consider them with every decision that you make. So, before you commit to any opportunity that requires travel, ask yourself a few questions: Will the timing of this trip conflict with any of my previously-planned commitments? Considering my workload, is this a good time to be away from my office? And, am I prepared in the event that one of my clients need something while I’m away? If you’re answers to these questions are “No”, “Yes”, and “Yes”, then you’re good to go! However, if not, then you need to do some serious communicating with your client. A week or more before you leave, you should tell them where you’re going, how long you’ll be gone, and precise directions as to how they may reach you. For instance, our sweet Caroline is traveling to Chicago with a PR client this coming week, and you better believe that all of her brides, clients, and vendors have been notified! In addition to this, while you’re gone, be sure to check-in with both your clients AND the employees that you have “holding down the fort”. Let them know that you’re still thinking about them…that you’re appreciate of their patience and understanding. Always being available to those who need you will take you far in terms of client satisfaction!

5.    Pack Snacks

Sometimes the best advice is also the simplest! As I’m sure that you’ve read in some magazine, airport food and airline meals are chockfull of salt and crazy preservatives! And, if you’re anything like me, you get a little tough to manage—aka “hangry”—when you don’t eat regularly. Stay ahead of the hunger, and, once again, plan ahead! Packing a few, delicious, portable snacks will ensure that you’re always equipped to re-fuel your tank; and, as exhausting as traveling can be—with delays, missed connections, and the like—you’ll be so glad that you did!

Regardless of whether you’re the kind of person who starts packing five days prior to departure, or—like Caroline and myself—the person who’s lucky to be packed the night before, it takes a lot of forethought and list-making to be prepared to take both you AND your business on the road. Hopefully, with a few of these suggestions, you’ll be able to plan for every eventuality and productively work from wherever you may currently be…you slay, Boss Lady! 

Till next week!