Clear and Consistent Messaging

Hello, sweet friends!  Welcome to the beginning of a beautiful new week here at The Caroline Doll Blog! 

As I type this post, we are currently in the fabulous city of Chicago working with one of our PR clients!  Today's post continues our series breaking down our favorite boss lady manual: The Unicorn Guide!

Today, as we have been doing over the past few weeks, we’ll be discussing yet another facet of The Unicorn Guide—a “how-to” manual for creating an authentic business and brand with ZERO competition. 

When building your business and solidifying your brand, it’s important to remember that every tidbit of information and picture that you put-out into the interconnected, cyber world is a direct reflection on both you and your business. As we’ve discussed in previous posts, this modern era of social media can be a real blessing for self-advertisement; however, it can also be a curse—if not used correctly. This is why, as small business owner, clear and consistent messaging is essential. 

At this point, let’s assume that you’ve successfully managed to create a brand that is authentic and unique. Now, take a few moments to envision that brand (…in all its glory!); in a few short words and phrases, how can you best describe that brand vision to others? These words and phrases should provide you with a solid foundation upon which you can build the clarity of your messaging. For example, on @thecarolinedoll Instagram page, the bio reads as follows:

POSH PR® doll | wedding planner | designer | stylist
We wear tutus on Tuesdays, give candy pink kisses, 
and know that Champagne Is Always The Answer®

In this short entry, you learn that our sweet Caroline is a wedding planner, designer, and a stylist. You can also safely assume that, since she wears tutus on Tuesdays and pink lipstick, she is girly and has a true appreciation for fashion. Moreover, you discover that candy is, most likely, an icon of her brand, and she MUST have a fun, bubbly personality…after all, champagne is her drink of choice! This short bio is a true reflection of the many aspects of the POSH PR® and The Caroline Doll brand, and thus you can expect all of her messaging—from her Instagram posts to this very blog—to feature similar phrases, icons, and even a similarly upbeat tone! So, no matter your brand vision, be clear and put it all out there! Not only will this be critical in setting your brand apart from others, which may fluctuate, but it’ll also go far in attracting your ideal clientele.

Consistency is another crucial component to business success.

Once you’ve decided upon the phrases that best describe you and your brand, use them frequently! For instance, to further spread the word and propagate the vision of POSH PR® and The Caroline Doll, Caroline is sure to post on Instagram and Facebook several times a day—always creatively featuring a few of her go-to phrases and imagery. Moreover, when you sweet Dolls asked for more pretty inspiration from The Caroline Doll blog, we upped our game—posts went from once or twice a week, to writing a new post for every weekday! And, since we’ve added more frequent, quality content, the readership of this VERY blog has almost tripled (thank you so, sweet friends!)! This is the perfect example of one of the wonderful things that can happen when you’re consistent with your brand messaging. By making this seemingly simply change, you will establish a true following of loyal brand ambassadors…and potential clients! 

I hope that this latest installment in The Unicorn Guide series has helped you decide to take the next step in creating and growing your business—and your brand. Sometimes the smallest steps forward will be, in retrospect, the most significant. 

And now, your brand, new week—just overflowing with unrealized potential—awaits you…go OWN it, Dolls!