5 Bold Lipsticks We're Loving This Spring

Happy Tutu Tuesday, Dolls!

And what a gorgeous day it is… here at The Caroline Doll Blog headquarters in Richmond, VA, anyway! Despite the sunny weather and blooming florals, Tuesday mornings and afternoons can be a draining; waking-up knowing that you still have the majority of the week ahead of you can make it difficult to muster the proper enthusiasm to carry through your day. Yet, as we’ve mentioned in previous posts, simply taking a few minutes to freshen-up your appearance can do wonders for flagging morale! 

We realize that not everyone has the time to apply the necessary cosmetics for best covering the tell-tale signs of early mornings and late nights, so we’ve pared our suggestions down to just one…lipstick. Swiping-on a bold lipstick can raise your confidence, freshen your mental outlook, and pull-together your overall appearance. Moreover, when I apply my favorite bold lipstick, I instantly feel more motivated and refreshed—not to mention the fact that it makes me feel a bit sassy! So, without further ado, we’d like to present our five FAVORITE bold lipsticks sport this spring!

1.    Nars Audacious Lipstick in “Fanny”

The newest addition to this lipstick line famously curated by French make-up artist Francois Nars, the Audacious Collection is, in one word, incredible. With a single swipe of this chic tube, your lips are covered in weightless, saturated color. It’s creamy texture and moist feel can be misleading, as this lovely lipstick will last LONG into your day and night! And “Fanny” (*sigh*) ... “Fanny” is my very favorite go-to shade. A flawlessly-balanced, bright berry hue, “Fanny” just screams sophistication…with a side dish of sass!

2.    Mac Lipstick in “Candy Yum Yum”

This iconic lipstick speaks for itself; it was discontinued at one point, but MAC received SO many letters demanding an explanation (…and it’s return), that it finally resurrected it a few years ago! However, I never understood the obsession till I met my fabulous Boss Lady friend, and our CEO, Miss Caroline Birgmann. Fun, girly, and chic, Caroline wears “Candy Yum Yum” almost daily, and just happened to have been the author of a few of those letters to MAC. But, GOODNESS…the bright bubble gum hue looks stunning on her! 

3.    Dolce and Gabbana Lipstick in “Chic”

This ultra-moisturizing and creamy lipstick line from Dolce and Gabbana was inspired by the delicate and vibrant colors of the Sicilian Rose…and, accordingly, each hue features a beautifully subtle rose fragrance. A part of the Classic Cream Collection, “Chic” is the loveliest rose shade! Ladylike and understated, this rosy pink hue, with its subtle blue undertones, will brighten your mood and that gorgeous smile!

4.    Chanel Lipstick in “Extatique” (#94)

In the Chanel Rouge Allure Collection lipsticks, ultra-thin pigments provide intense color while leaving a comfortable, satin finish. Covered in this vibrant, azalea pink shade, your lip situation won’t feather or smear, but will remain supple, kissable, and lovely. With that pretty, pink pucker, your sweetheart won’t be able to resist!

5.    Mac Lipstick in “Flat-Out Fabulous”

When a cult-status cosmetics brand like MAC puts-out a new line of products, people take notice. Yet, when I heard that their new Retro Collection would be featuring fabulously long-lasting lipsticks, but in a matte finish—I was a little disappointed. Personally, I’ve always struggled with matte lipsticks because they dry-out my lips…same situation with long-lasting lipsticks. But, when I laid eyes on this GORGEOUS, bright plum color, I simply couldn’t help myself, and purchased it immediately. And, wow…I’m so glad that I did! The formula is comfortable and long-lasting, and the beautiful color is divine. Even on my toughest days, when my chaotic mind has me feeling a bit haggard, a quick swipe of this lipstick makes me feel more elegant and put-together. An instant pick-me-up in a chic tube…VOILA!

We hope some of these sweet shades have emboldened you to rock a bold lip with your new spring look! Not only will you feel fabulously fashion-forward, but it’ll also brighten your outlook on those seriously “blah” mornings. With a vibrant lipstick and copious amounts of coffee, you’ll have a little pep in your step as you confidently conquer the day!