Get Inspired With Your Gallery Wall

Do you ever have a creative block or feel uninspired? Do you feel like your creativity has suddenly dried-up, making it difficult to summon your usual enthusiasm and drive?

In the creative business industry, this can be truly anxiety-inducing, Dolls! After all, our unique ability to create is what drives our careers, business, and very livelihoods! But, before you panic, there are some relatively small changes that you can make to reawaken your creativity—like changing-up your office situation.

Recently, our own sweet Caroline was feeling a little burned-out. Things at POSH PR® and The Caroline Doll blog are busier than ever (…not that we’re complaining!), and with her planning to leave town soon, she was just overwhelmed…and running-low on her creative juices. Then, that weekend, her wonderful mama came to town, and took Caroline shopping. Rather than focus on clothing, though, they had another mission. By the time that we returned to the office on Monday, Caroline’s creative spirt was renewed. Furthermore, our office was fabulously rearranged and now featured new chic and inspirational gallery wall! She had taken the time to choose pretty and motivational prints, fitted them into some lovely frames, and carefully hung them in a large, fabulous arrangement above her desk. Then, I understood…in changing-up her surroundings, she had been re-inspired! So, given this revelation, we’d like to share some of our favorite items to include in a truly inspirational gallery wall. 

Cupcake Canvas Art Print—

Courtesy of the Efhamar and Sienna Party Shop, this print is too sweet to miss. With its petal pink background, and shiny, hand-painted cupcakes, this is sure to make a pretty addition to any room! Moreover, glancing upon it will hopefully remind you that, despite everything, LIFE IS SWEET!



Champagne Is Always The Answer® Print—

Found in our very own The Caroline Doll Shop, this print is one of my very favorites, and, therefore, can already be found on my very own office gallery wall! Printed on elegant, white weighted cardstock, and featuring glamorous gold-foil script, when chicly framed, this print gives all of the higher-priced, generic art options a run for their money. More than simply beautiful, though, this print is inspirational. With its upbeat reminder that “Champagne Is Always The Answer”, maybe you’ll take more time to celebrate the small achievements in life…sometimes, those can be the most memorable.

2016 Calendar Art—

Part of a special collaboration between Art Rose Prints and Geniccadotcom, this is one of the loveliest and most useful additions to any art collection. With its elegantly scripted lettering, functional layout, and beautiful images, this print is much more art than calendar! Moreover, since it’s printed on weighted cardstock, each month’s print can be nicely fitted into a pretty frame to add a sophisticated and functional twist to your office décor!



“Glitter Is My Favorite Color” Print—

The Caroline Doll Shop is the exclusive retailer for this girly, pink print. Hot pink foil lettering (yes, that’s right…hot. pink. foil…EEK!) spells out the delightfully feminine message, “Glitter Is My Favorite Color”. Tell me, who could look up from a stressful project or day and NOT laugh when they happened to glance upon this fun print?!? Whether glitter is truly your favorite color, or just need to add a pop of girly fun to brighten your workspace, this cute print is just the art addition you need!

Bianca Fashion Illustration Print—

We absolutely ADORE this fun and fashion-infused print from the talented Nicky Sinclair! This image of a lovely lady holding balloons and chicly clad in a tulle skirt and stilettos adorned with bows is too fabulous to resist…and so on-brand for us! Featuring a blushed color palette, this illustration can’t help but remind me of our fabulous founder—after all, everything from the colors, to the fashion, to the hair simply screams Caroline. Regardless, including this gorgeous illustration in any gallery wall is sure to provide you with much-needed pretty inspiration for years to come!

In this industry, you invest so much time and thought into creating marvelous events and situations for you clients, that it’s very easy to forget about yourself. As we’ve said before, in order to effectively design beautiful content for your clientele, you have to take the time to refresh your own creative spirit. We only hope that this will inspire you to create for yourself too! Let’s not forget, sweet friends, you are your own best and most enduring client!