Speaking At Refreshed by Pretty + Profesh!

Friday has finally arrived, my friends…and, with it, another opportunity to make yourself more educated, prepared, motivated...whatever you wish!

Someone brilliant (Abe Lincoln) once stated, “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”—and we couldn’t agree more whole-heartedly! As we’ve said numerous times, we’re HUGE proponents of both educating fellow creatives and #communityovercompetition. We believe that aiding other entrepreneurs in their business ventures is admirable…and necessary. And we’re FIRM believers in the idea that helping your peers can be instrumental to your own success!

Thus, when our CEO, Caroline Birgmann, was offered another opportunity to educate fellow boss ladies and creative hearts, she jumped at the chance! 

As a blogger, I’ve admired PRETTY + PROFESH since its early days.  So, when they contacted Caroline about speaking at their newest event—and the launch of the DC Bloggers Union (….EEK!!)—I was ecstatic! To those of you know not in the “know” (*wink, wink*), PRETTY +PROFESH is a community—designed for ambitious, millennial women entrepreneurs—which helps them to establish powerful connections, cultivate networking relationships, and grow a supportive tribe of loyal and talented sisters-in-industry. While any female blogger and/or entrepreneur is welcome, this community was created with a focus on ladies with internet-based businesses. Essentially, the ladies at PRETTY + PROFESH teach you to work more effectively; they help you find your clarity, design your evolution plan, and move gracefully and consistently in “the right direction”. Therefore, in their continuing effort to do so, they will soon be holding their first-ever “Refreshed” event in Washington, D.C.!
Kicking-off on May 13, 2016, “Refreshed” is a conference designed especially for female “solopreneurs” (women who own their own business, and run it daily with little or no help), which will provide them with a rejuvenating opportunity for a weekend of guided, professional introspection and personal growth. The founders of PRETTY + PROFESH will be joined by a group of 20 fabulous, boss lady speakers who will address significant and necessary topics for today’s “solopreneurs”—such as goal setting and planning, social media, sales, finance, and work-life balance. 

As previously mentioned, our sweet Caroline will be one of the featured speakers at the “Refreshed” event; however, since she is only able to be there for the Thursday, May 13th kick-off event and not the whole weekend, she is also listed as an “online speaker”. So, for you Dolls that have previous plans—or aren’t fortunate enough to hold one of the only 80 tickets to be sold for this event—don’t sweat it! “Refreshed” is also offering “online-only” seats that include recordings of every session, training documents and printables from the workshops, access to additional online-only workshops, and a post-event webinar featuring follow-ups from each speaker…including our fabulous Caroline! 

Richard Branson, a legendary entrepreneur, once said, “When you need to make hard decisions, being able to discuss your ideas with entrepreneurs and business leaders who have solved similar problems can make all the difference.”

In essence, this is the driving force behind the PRETTY + PROFESH “Refreshed” event. Being a creative, boss lady and entrepreneur can be anxiety-inducing and lonely—you make all the decisions, do all of the the advertising, meet all the clients, and have to continually to educate yourself to stay abreast with technology and the latest industry trends. But you don’t have to do all of this alone! Although it can be scary to reach-out to your peers and competing business owners, the benefits far outweigh the risks. So, step out of your comfort zone, and head-over to the PRETTY + PROFESH website to snag your tickets to the “Refreshed” conference now! 

Life is too sweet to spend any more time feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled, sweet friends…especially when help is just a few clicks away. Allow the boss ladies at “Refreshed” to help you establish a plan to more successfully grow your business, spark your creativity, and better calibrate your work-life balance.

Till next week…work hard and play harder, Dolls!