The Unicorn Guide: Original Content

Happy #MakeWavesMonday, sweet friends!

Some of our fellow creative may recognize this fabulous hashtag from following The Rising Tide Society on Instagram; however, for the rest of you, let me take a moment to explain. Essentially, The Rising Tide Society created the hashtag #MakeWavesMonday to inspire people to see the dawn of another Monday as opportunity to get out there and better themselves and their business…to “carpe diem” (or “seize the day”)! At POSH PR® and The Caroline Doll blog, we absolutely love this hashtag, and all that it entails! Therefore, in the spirit of this ambition, we’d like to do our part to inspire you dolls. 

Today, as we have for the past few Mondays, we’d like to further unravel the mysteries of The Unicorn Guide—our manual for helping you to create and grow your business in a way that is authentic and unique. Designed by our very own Caroline Birgmann, The Unicorn Guide gives you the information you need to set your business apart in a manner that allows you to have the corner on your desired market. 

Do you want to know the number one way to have ZERO competition? If so, here’s our little secret…the number one way to ensure that you have no competition is by developing original content!

At this point, we’d like to harken back to some of our previous posts regarding The Unicorn Guide…specifically the ones dealing with understanding your authentic brand and inspiring your ideal client. So, be yourself, friends! If you’re like our sweet Caroline and love tulle skirts, then rock them! Create a forum, like Tutu Tuesdays, and share photos on your social media accounts! Or, if you’re a photographer who loves fashion, then execute a “street fashion” photo shoot that is authentic and reflects your brand. Then, consistently star fashion posts on Fridays—thus dubbing it “Fashion Friday”. Before you know it, you’ll have clients tagging you in posts featuring them in tulle skirts and other fashion-forward looks! Not only will you have widened your possible client base, but you’ll have inspired them to reflect YOUR personal brand!

When starting a new, exciting, business-savvy trend, though, it’s important to keep another one of The Unicorn Guide’s points in mine—clear and consistent messaging.

Once you start posting your unique feature on social media outlets, your followers will begin to expect them…and this can be a wonderful thing! However, if you fail to be consistent with your post, your fans will become disheartened—and, in that, less inclined to take the chance of incorporating your fabulous new feature into their own lives. 

Although we’ve only given you a few examples of how to be original while staying true to your authentic brand, we’re confidence that you can use your creativity and imagination to take it from here! While you’re doing so, remember this:

The best way to stand-out from other creatives in your industry is by being original…and trust me, no one can be as uniquely original as the creator of a brand and business that truly reflects YOU! 

So, seize today, Dolls…go make waves!