Feature on Best Friends For Frosting

Have you ever worked on a project that you truly loved—a project into which you poured your heart and soul?

How fulfilling is it when someone finally notices all of your hard work, and acknowledges just how wonderful the end result really was? Honestly…it feels amazing! You feel renewed, reinvigorated, and ready to conquer the world! Recently, our own Caroline Birgmann was treated to this sweet feeling when the “Eat Cake for Breakfast” event—a project near and dear to her heart—was featured on Best Friends For Frosting.
When Rachel of Elle Style Studio, a dear friend of Caroline’s and a fellow creative heart, asked Caroline to help plan and design her daughter’s 6th birthday party, Caroline was touched. Moreover, she was instantly motivated to create a truly memorable experience for the birthday girl (Leighton) and all of her friends! So, when Caroline went home that evening to begin making plans for the party, she was suddenly inspired by a placemat that a friend had recently gifted her—a Kate Spade “Eat Cake for Breakfast” placement. Right then, she knew that the perfect theme for Leighton’s birthday party was laying right in front of her…a Mary Antoinette inspired “Eat Cake for Breakfast” themed party! 

When Caroline shared her theme idea with Rachel, Rachel was absolutely thrilled! However, as often happens when two wonderfully creative minds work together toward a common goal, things escalated quickly from there. Before Caroline knew it, Leighton’s “Eat Cake for Breakfast” birthday party had become quite the situation—with carefully styled décor, costumes, hair styling for all the girls, and a full-scale photo shoot! Held at Paisley and Jade, this event followed a pretty color palette of blush pinks and gold—interspersed with fabulous pops of sequin and glitter. Caroline also wrapped lovely faux gifts to use as décor! With gorgeous stylistic touches like balloons and feather boas, the only finishing touch required was to (quite literally!) roll out the pink carpet and await the arrival of Leighton and her friends! 

When the girls arrived, they were first invited to don one of the many girly and fabulous dresses that Caroline had arranged for them. Then, they were treated to pretty updos, courtesy of Leighton’s wonderfully creative Mama—Rachel of Elle Style Studio. After they were finished with the dress-up segment of the event, the photo shoot fun commenced! Since Leighton, like Caroline, loves all things pink, girly, and fashion-infused, she’s always idolized her; so, when the girls initially seemed a bit shy in front of the cameras, Caroline jumped in and coached them to work the cameras—teaching them to pose and just have fun with it. Before long, the girls were striking sassy poses, blowing kisses, and throwing TONS of unicorn confetti! No wonder all of the photos from the shoot turned out so incredibly…Shalese Danielle, the talented photographer for the event, had the best little models around! 

Following the photo shoot, the girls were treated to some absolutely gorgeous desserts before leaving. There were two small, beautifully stacked cakes (of course!) that proved to be as tasty as they were stylish. However, the sweetest and most unique touch was the custom cotton candy from our friends at Sugaire!

All things considered, Leighton had a FABULOUS 6th birthday party. She and her friends were thrilled with every single detail of the party—especially, and surprisingly, the photo shoot! Years from now, she’ll have a plethora of gorgeous photos to match her wonderful memories of celebrating her 6th birthday. And, honestly, Caroline couldn’t receive any more fulfilling feedback or compliment than that. So, if we aroused your curiosity, and you want to see just how AMAZING this little birthday party turned out to be, head over to Best Friends For Frosting and check it out for yourself! We know these sweet images will have us swooning for months!