Grit & Glitter Podcast: REAL, RAW + SOULFUL

I can’t believe this is really happening! Dolls, today you can find my REAL interview on the Grit And Glitter PODCAST! What do I mean by real? This is the first time EVER I am sharing my REAL, RAW, and SOULFUL story with Lauren Rhew… the boss lady behind Grit & Glitter!

I found Grit & Glitter through my friend Maghon Taylor—you may know her as the boss lady behind @allshewrotenotes! I absolutely loved listening to every single struggle and success and story that she shared with Lauren and was TOTALLY hooked on this podcast! You will never believe what happened next….

When Lauren asked Maghon to talk about some of the best pieces of advice she has received that helped her business… Maghon quoted ME! And quoted a piece to The Unicorn Guide… Stay true to yourself and you have NO competition! (Love you, Maghon!)

So, that happened… and Lauren and I were connected… and long story short—I am actually listening to my podcast live AS I TYPE THIS right now!

I love this space that Lauren created. It is a space for big dreamers and entrepreneurs to share the struggles that you don't necessarily see on social media. To encourage others through the struggle! 

Do you want to know what I was REALLY feeling while I was working with Lauren to create this podcast?!

I was so nervous! Sharing something pretty in a little square that you post on Instagram is completely different than sharing the not so pretty parts of your life and your business!

However, at the same time, it was exhilarating! Being able to share my heart and the behind the scenes of @thecarolinedoll was such a rush... I hope this inspires you, encourages you, and makes you feel like you are NOT alone! That we ALL struggle! That we are all pretty tough!

Friends— I’d love to share the not so pretty with you — here’s the link to listen to our interview


The Caroline Doll