The Unicorn Guide: Nurture Your Tribe

Have you ever heard the quote stating, “When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of ‘me too!’, be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe.”? If you have, you hopefully understand the truth in those words. But, if not, please allow us to further elaborate….

In this, the last installment of The Unicorn Guide series, we’d like to discuss the importance of nurturing your “tribe”. If you’ve followed the tenants of The Unicorn Guide thus far, congratulations! You’ve worked hard to build an authentic brand with a loyal following that truly understands your core principles and goals—but, what’s next? The answer is deceptively simple…it’s time to nurture your tribe!!

These people are your client base, your absolute BEST marketing tool, and your biggest fans, so show them some love!

It is only by developing positive, lasting relationships with your followers that you can successfully grow your business in the direction you seek. In reality, the relationships that you form as a business owner can be the catalyst for your rise to the top, or your downfall.

Nurturing your loyal followers can take many different forms. Truly, there is no right or wrong way to show your tribe that you care—as long as you do so!  For example, our sweet CEO Caroline likes to spoil her followers by offering frequent giveaways. Each month, she selects a few of her fabulous followers at random, and she sends them a free item from The Caroline Doll Shop. Caroline’s tribe absolutely LOVES this, and they get so excited to receive their pretty little surprise in the mail! Furthermore, for Caroline’s bridal planning clients, she sends them monthly “pretty mail” packages to keep them motivated while planning their wedding. 

However, there are other ways to show your tribe some love—aside from presents.

Caroline frequently offers free business advice, tips, and tricks to entrepreneurs that are just starting their businesses, or looking to expand.

Moreover, she actively searches-out opportunities to educate other creatives and help them cultivate new skills—generally by becoming a featured speaker at conferences and workshops. In fact, she even founded the Fashion Infused Styling Workshop in order to provide tools and resources that enrich brands and businesses—as well as building relationships with a likeminded community! 

Regardless of how you choose to do it, showing love to your tribe is an absolutely essential part of growing a successful business. If you feel inspired to send your clients and fans a little note saying how thankful you are for their support, then do it! If you want to show a little social media love to a fellow small business owner, go for it! If something fits your business model, brand, and heart, run with it. I promise that you’ll never regret taking the time to make your fabulous tribe feel the love; after all, who doesn’t love it when someone does the same for us?!