Love Language No. 6: Serving Others

If you're like me, you are constantly reading business success books or girl boss self-help blogs. You love to research new creative ways to promote and market your business. You even like to read those endless articles on blogging and attracting your target market. Whose with me on this?! Trust me, I've been reading these articles for years and have even spoken about ALL of these topics!

I have a secret for you that I wish someone would have told me years ago. This secret will be game changing for your creative business. There is truly only one way to retain business, attract your ideal client and create the business you've always dreamed of having.

Serve. Your. Clients! It is really that simple.

Let me tell you a story -- If you don't already know, I absolutely love fashion! I've been collecting Louis Vuitton bags since as long as I can remember and nothing makes my fashion-loving heart skip a beat like my favorite Valentino RockStuds or s pretty little red bottom Louboutin pump! With that being said, I feel that my fashion infused lifestyle can sometimes cause others to think of me differently than I truly am. I will always be a servant at heart and fully believe this makes my business stand out.

Do I wear designer shoes to my events + weddings? Yes. Do I love to carry a designer bag? Yes. Does this make me less of a servant to my clients? Absolutely NOT!

I sometimes refer to myself as The Help in Valentino's - - which will probably be the title of my first book! I digress...

So, you may be wondering - - how exactly can I start to truly serve my clients?

7 Ways To Serve Your Clients Now:

1 - Be Selfless

No matter what, focus on your client and serve his/her needs. Remember, this is not about you, so focus on them!

2 - Be Humble

Your client is paying you to perform a service. So, play your part and show humility!

3 - Be Helpful

When in doubt, listen to the needs of your clients and give helpful advice.

4 - Set An Example

Be an example and show your clients how to run a business fueled by passion. Serving your clients is the best example for them.

5 - Don't Expect Anything In Return

Give your clients your heart and do not expect anything in return, except for payment of said services! If you go above and beyond to serve, let it be because you are a servant at heart, not because you are seeking something else.

6 - Do Whatever It Takes

No matter what, just do it. Do what it takes to make your clients happy. (Okay, obviously nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical... you get my point!)

7 - Give Thanks

Be thankful for the opportunity to serve another client doing the things that you are passionate about!

All business owners are in a service-related industry - - no matter if you are a boutique owner, a photographer, or an artist. Serve your clients and see what happens... you may be surprised!


The Caroline Doll