5 Ways To Feel Like A Bride

On June 22nd the best thing EVER happened… It marked a new chapter of my life and a season that I can’t wait to enter! The love of my life PROPOSED! I am officially a BRIDE! 

The best part? It was the night of his 32nd birthday… BEST. PRESENT. EVER. Right?! (I don’t know how I will be able to top next year’s gift…)

So, when most brides first get engaged, you can probably think of the “typical” reactions from friends, family and co-workers. In most cases they are fun statements like these:

"Congrats! You two are perfect for each other!"
"Yay, when’s the wedding?!"
"Ahh, let me see the ring! He did such a good job!"

Or, they may even get interesting statements like these from their parents:
"I’m going to be a Grandma soon! When can you start having kids?"
"Do I have to wear a full length dress? And can it be black?"

I digress… 

In my case, it was completely different... Do you want to know what happens when a wedding planner gets engaged?! She gets this question: 

OH. EM. GEE. Who is going to handle planning YOUR wedding?!

Okay, okay - - I still get some of the other FUN questions! But, I’ve realized this constant look of horror that people have when they ask me who is going to plan my wedding. Ha!

I get it, I run a tight ship with my weddings. Hey, I know what I’m good at. I can negotiate a contract like a boss - - something most people forget about when it comes to wedding planning! Truly, I feel like most of my job consists of timelines and negotiating. 

SIDE NOTE: Ironically enough, as I type away on my new pink MacBook I am sitting in the W Hotel in DC about to meet with the event coordinator about OUR wedding! Stay tuned…

I will say this, being a wedding planner bride takes a bit of the sizzle, if you will, out of being a bride. I even believe that this same sizzle gets lots with other wedding professionals.

So, I’ve come up with a list: 5 Ways For Wedding Professionals To Feel Like A Bride

1 — Girl, look at that ring!

If I'm being honest, I forget that Costa and I are engaged multiple times a week. Until I look down at that pretty little sparkly reminder! I even purchased a Mrs. Box (the Norah Mae is everything!) to keep my ring in a safe place. I get excited now to get up every morning and retrieve my ring from this pretty. Stay tuned for styled photos! 

2 — Talk About Being Engaged With Your Clients

When I first got engaged I was uncomfortable talking about this with my brides. Sounds so silly, right? Mainly because my goal as a wedding planner is to make my bride actually feel like a BRIDE and that their wedding is the most important thing in my world. Something that I do every single day that I totally wish someone did for me, not going to lie! However, when I started actually opening up and answering more and more questions about our wedding, I actually started to feel like a bride! It also gives my clients and I something else in common which is super fun.

3 — Add Yourself To Your Workflow Program

A few weeks ago as I was going through my bride files I realized this... I need to add OUR wedding to my bride workflow! If I am tracking everyone else's weddings, why not track my own? This has been so much fun to see my name as a bride with all of my other weddings! However you organize your bride files, add yourself, too! 

4 — Call Your Mom, Sister or BFF

This is my answer to everything... When in doubt, I call my mom! It does help that she is my best friend -- which also makes her my favorite wedding resource. Your sister of BFF will work, too! Think about it, who else understands you more than one of these ladies?! They are the PERFECT person to call and chat all things wedding. Even if it's 25 times a day... 

5 — Go Dress Shopping

Honestly, nothing will make you feel like a BRIDE more than trying on that first wedding gown! I recently went shopping with one of my POSH PR® Brides and loved the new perspective I had in the bridal store. Being around these gorgeous ball gowns made me SO excited! Even though I didn't try anything on with Jess that day... I totally booked an appointment to go back soon! 

To my sweet wedding professional friends, I hope this helps YOU feel like a bride! You deserve every second of this special time!


The Caroline Doll