5 Things Every Boss Babe Should Start Doing

Happy #MakeWavesMonday, sweet dolls! So, this morning started a little different than most. My typical Monday morning starts with coffee…. and lots of it! Sometimes it takes me a bit longer to get to the studio and start the weekly hustle. 

Well, not today.

I have actually been awake since 5am today — more alert than ever as I prep for the next few days!  As I type this blog post I am currently on a plane headed to NYC! I decided I needed to make this my office for the next few days. (PS: And while I’m here I planned a dinner date with Cara Alwill Leyba of @thechampagnediet!)

It’s funny how waking up extra early to catch your flight makes you come up with an ENTIRE list of things that I wish I would do every day. Truthfully, this is a list of things that I believe every boss babe should start doing as well! 


Seriously, get out of bed! The earlier, the better! I find that I need to be in my studio working by 7am every single morning. I am NOT a morning person so this is still a challenge!  However, there’s nothing like that quiet time before the phone starts ringing and the emails start piling in. I know it is painful to wake up earlier than you want. And in most cases you just want to sleep a few extra minutes. I promise you, the second you actually get up and get moving you will be so glad you did!


Are you stressed? Overworked? Tired? Working out may be your solution! Let’s face it, the only way I get to see my friends or family is if I have them scheduled on my calendar. Just this morning my mom called and I was telling her about a work dinner I have this Thursday. Her response: “Oh, I thought we were going to dinner on Thursday, but that’s okay honey!” I felt terrible and quickly offered to move my meeting and make a family dinner happen.... until she told me she never put it on my calendar and actually this was the first she was telling me about said dinner. Ha! Well, sweet momma bear, let’s schedule it so we can make it happen. The same principal goes for working out! If you don’t schedule it or put it on your calendar, you won’t go!


A little secret that makes me cringe to even admit: I have been too afraid of my to-do list lately! To the point where I've sort of stopped making them… Instead of adding a project or task to my to-do list I would rather do it that very moment and get it over with. I know what you are thinking… That this plan is BETTER because you are getting the task done immediately, right? Well, not exactly. Don’t get me wrong, some tasks are the best tasks to do quickly, right when you think of them. However, won't this pull you away from the current project you are working one? How many times have you been working on one task and then jump to the other when your brain decided to remember something or give you yet another life changing idea that you need to explore... Any other entrepreneurs feel me on this one?! Make your list and schedule time for each and every task!


You can’t work a full 10 hours straight in your office. You just can’t. And if you do — your brain will be absolutely fried and numb. I used to think the longer I worked the better.  Truthfully, the more breaks I give myself the better! I set goals for myself throughout the day. So, once I complete a task, I may take my dogs for a quick walk and come back to tackle the next task. Sometimes I may even sneak in a little champagne toast (or two!) towards the end of the day after another task. Whatever you decide to do, take about 15 minutes and mentally relax. This will help you to regain focus on the next project!


Something that I am really trying to work on. I need to slow down. There is a balance between “done is better than perfect” and “I don’t even know if this email makes sense because I was just trying to get it done I am so busy...” - - Deep breaths. You are only ONE person. Slow down and work with passion and purpose. Be intentional with your words. Find peace with a slower pace knowing it was done well.

So, this week I challenge you to start making these changes and track + share your success! 


The Caroline Doll