Do you ever sit at your computer ready to work, but your head is spinning in every direction and you have no idea where to even begin?!

It’s not that you aren’t focused, it’s that you are SO fired up about your business that you can’t even stand it. You can clearly see where you want to go and how you want to get there. You are learning from your mistakes and are starting to make changes for growth. Can anyone else tell me they have been there?!

This is my life today…. and I have “diagnosed” this situation. 

Also called: Finally having a clear creative direction

An abundance of spastic feelings of excitement that you can not control due to being way too fired up about your creative business.

Symptoms include big smiles, jumping up and down with excitement and notoriously calling your mom.

Treatment includes lots of coffee. 

Lab tests or imaging not required. 

Did you know that my professional history is in medical sales? I digress…

Here’s the thing. You can do absolutely anything you put your mind to. ANYTHING you want, you can have. 

When I truly think about the meaning of this statement, I sometimes get mad at myself! This sounds crazy, right? But, I do! I get mad because I know where I want to be, and I am not there yet. I am NOT in any way denying my current success. I have come a long way and have the blood, sweat, and tears to show for it! I get frustrated because I am an instant gratification kind of girl — I even overnight basically everything I order online because I can not handle waiting. 

The point is this - - if you choose to hustle every single day you WILL get to where you are going. Just like they say happiness is a choice… I believe that HUSTLE is a choice, too!

Stop talking about your dreams and goals and start DOING them. Make a list of what you want and how you plan to get there. Think of this as a step by step guide to reaching your goals. I do this every time I have a new idea!

PS: If you were wondering, I think creative boss overload can be a good thing!


The Caroline Doll