The Secret To Success: Goal Setting

Do you remember those 2016 goals that you made? Did you want to live a healthier lifestyle or maybe book more clients? I know that I had a long list of goals for my personal life and for my business. I can almost guarantee that every single one of us sets yearly goals… in some cases they are set in the form of a “resolution”. 

So, how far along have you really gotten to reaching your goals? Maybe you’ve already reached them! And that is fabulous! Or maybe you are still working towards them, and that’s okay, too!

In the early stages of my medical sales career my managers would always ask me about my process. They wanted to know how I knew who to call on and when to call on them. At the time, I honestly didn’t have a good answer. I would tell them that I just knew who to call. As long as I would producing (which I was) they would let it go. I never followed a book or a specific sales strategy when I would sell - - it would simply be from the heart. 

Now, with POSH PR®, I am to the point where I am craving a better process. Up until this point everything I’ve done has been from the heart. However, let’s face it, you can’t grow your business to where you want to be and manage employees if everything is in your head and heart! It has been difficult putting on paper the way I do things and actually breaking down my process. 

Last week I started to initiate setting daily and weekly goals. Putting these goals on paper and the steps necessary to make these goals happen has been real eye opening. I used to set monthly and yearly goals - - breaking down each day and week has been so helpful to track results and stay on task. 

I've even included a free guide to keep you on track with your goals! See below!

Happy Monday, dolls!


The Caroline Doll