Sometimes you don’t realize that the little things you do each day can have a huge impact on your life and your business. Recently, this all happened with a little idea and a styled Instagram photo.

“A book club? Caroline, have you ever been to a book club? Do you really have time for something that doesn’t bring you any money?” — My sweet mother. 

Well, actually, NO.  I hadn’t been to a book club before. Nor did I have the time to embark on another item to add to my to-do list. However, I knew that I wanted to start a little community of local boss ladies who share a love for fashion and for community. I went to amazon and started searching for the perfect book to start this club and stumbled upon a book titled GIRLCODE by Cara Alwill Leyba. Not only did this book embody all of my heart and soul but the author’s Instagram handle was @thechampagnediet

I purchased the book and styled an image to post on Instagram promoting my little idea. In true Instagram etiquette I made sure to tag all of the people represented in my image, including the author. Immediately after tagging Cara in this post, I emailed my Communications Director, Gina, with a screen shot of her IG page and something along the lines of “oh em gee we need to figure out how to collaborate with her!” 

About one hour later I have an email from Cara saying something very similar! Fast forward two weeks later and I am in NYC having dinner with the best-selling author and enjoying champagne, great conversation, and building upon a true friendship. 

The moral of the story - - you never know what might happen and what “big break” or new friendship you will form. All you can do is the best you can eery single day. Every single day is a fresh start as a business owner. My newly adopted motto: Every day is DAY 1. This means that every day you have another chance to reach your goals. Every day is a new opportunity for greatness.

Our first book club meeting at Kate Spade was a HUGE success! It was filled with soulful conversation, open hearts and seriously the best popcorn ever! (Thank you, Victoria!)

For those of you who are following along remotely, I will be sending out the worksheets for the book this week. Be sure to subscribe to the book club to be on the list! Fill out this form here!

Our NEXT book - - The Champagne Diet by our friend Cara! You can purchase this on Amazon for less than $12!

We will meet again at Kate Spade in RVA to discuss on Tuesday, October 11th from 7-9pm. We are only accepting 10 to 15 at our in person meet up. Please be sure to sign up ASAP! You can simply email to reserve your spot!


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