Friday Introduction + 10 Fun Facts!

Happy Friday, sweet dolls! Okay, since there are A LOT of new faces around the blog and our @thecarolinedoll Instagram page, I figured it was time for a quick #FridayIntroduction! 

Hi, dolls! I'm Caroline! I'm the CEO of POSH PR®, a girly and glamorous agency that specializes in fashion infused weddings, fashion PR, and partnerships with luxury brands. 

A few facts about me that you may not know:

1. The POSH PR® studio is in Short Pump but on most days you can find me bouncing around #RVA and #DC with a @Starbucks in hand and (on most days) rocking a tulle skirt!

2. The Kentucky Derby is a big deal in my family… Although I have been in Richmond for over 10 years now, home will always be Louisville, KY!

3. I am allergic to basically everything… but gluten and dairy I 100% have to stay away from.

4. My former career before I founded POSH PR® was in medical sales as a National Sales Manager specializing in launching new “drugs” and consumer products.

5. I believe that life should be a celebration and that Champagne Is Always The Answer®! So much so that I fought the province of Champagne, France to secure my trademark!

6. My biggest pet peeve: when the wind blows my hair and it gets stuck in my lipgloss… and then said lipgloss ends up all over my face. (Please someone tell me you understand this scenario!) 

7. I pre-schedule a lot of my social media posts and it freaks my mom out - - I have to remind her daily that the photo I just posted on my Instagram page may not be happening that very second.

8. One of my favorite reasons why we are going to Italy + Greece? Besides the fact that my fiancé, Costa, is Greek… I will be working on my new book!

9. My love language has always been empowering women and I literally love that I get to do this every single day with POSH PR®.

10. I can not leave the house unless the laundry is folded, the dishes are put away, and the house is near "perfect" - - with a chaotic job that is constantly on the go, my home is my sanctuary and I like to keep it in order. 

Hopefully you learned something new about me that you didn't know before! Thank you for being a part of this little dream of mine! You have no idea how much your love and support means to me!

The Caroline Doll


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