National Southern Belle Day: How Being Southern Affects My Business!

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, shares some Southern tips for success in business!

Yesterday was National Southern Belle Day. So, I’ll unofficially deem today Southern Doll Day

Did you know that “…the greatest growth in the number of women-owned firms has been seen in the South” (according to The State of Women-Owned Businesses, 2016)? I can tell you why…

If it weren’t for certain values I learned growing up in Kentucky, I don’t think POSH PR® would be where it is today. In fact, I KNOW it’s because of certain manners my mother ingrained in me as a child that is part of what sets POSH PR® apart.This isn’t to say that these values were created by Southerners, anybody can live by them! But Southerners were created by these values. Here are just a few that make a world of difference for your business!

(1) Mind Your Manners!

From please and thank you, to yes sir and no ma’am. Each of these words communicate SO much. When used, they immediately suggest that you have the utmost respect for ANYONE you encounter. I think strong eye-contact and an immediate strong handshake, also go hand-in-hand here! People notice these things because they’re ways of noticing people. They say, “Hi, ma’am! YOU have my attention. I see you. I am interested, respect and appreciate what you have to say!” Never have I ever seen a client walk away from this kind of sincerity! 

(2) Having a Servant’s Heart!

Southern hospitality comes down to serving others. I always say that the client is the hero of the story. Having a servant’s heart orients you to always put others first. It requires you to go above and beyond, treating others as you would like to be treated! Nobody hates being loved on! Sending flowers, bringing Starbucks, greeting cards — these small gestures go such a long way in making an impression and communicating to your client that they are cared for!

(3) Grace.

Choosing grace can be the hardest choice, but it’s also the most rewarding. We can’t control what’s going to happen in our lives, but we CAN affect how we react to them. What good does exasperating an already bad situation do? Adding oil to a fire burns you and the other party! Especially as business owners, female leaders, it is our responsibility to choose grace, to “pass it forward.” We all make mistakes. So YES! I will say “Bless your heart!” because I’ve been there, done that! And you know what? I am where I am today because I’ve been given grace!


I hope YA’LL have a lovely start to your week, dolls! I'm off to New Orleans! Stay tuned for a new POSH PLACE post!

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