POSH Pearls: The New Series!

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, has some words of wisdom to share with you in her new series "POSH Pearls!"

Discipline is created between the tension of desire and choice.” - Michelle Benedek

Even as a self-starter, being your own boss is tough, dolls! Not having the structure of 9:00am-5:00pm, not having a boss tell you what to do, being your own source of accountability! These are major hurdles you have to overcome. Wanting to sleep in instead of waking up before the sun, getting through emails instead of browsing social media, writing to-do’s for the day and making that your absolute schedule, rather than your ideal “if I get to it” check-list. Believe me! These conflict-of-interests will knock on your door everyday! But when conflicts-of-interests arise, discipline makes the right choice an automatic choice!

I want you to completely RID YOUR MIND of the rigidity attached to the word “discipline.” I want you to see it in a brand new light, because to me, discipline is what sets me free to achieve success.  

I love the quote above. It’s SO succinct. Discipline is what gets you from point A to point B. 

If you have a desire, an end goal, you HAVE to allow that to become a kind of “inner voice” in your daily thought process. “What is my end goal?” is a question I ask before making any decision. I keep it at the forefront of my mind. Now, how do I get there?

Motivation is a great start. I know that feeling! That spark! That “aha! moment. It’s such a great feeling! But motivation is an emotion. It doesn’t last. Motivation says HI! from the top of the mountain, just as quickly as it says #byefelicia! Coming up with an idea and not acting on it can leave me feeling defeated.That feeling is the “tension.” This tension can create disarray or discipline. 

“Okay, I see the group chat exploding. That’s a distraction. But I’m so curious! #FOMO. But I’m also replying to e-mails, writing this blog, etc! Total boss mode right now.” This is the tension and this is when you have to give that inner-voice the mic. “What is your end goal, Caroline? Is it being swallowed into the vortex of opening my phone just to read that text and then somehow finding yourself scrolling through Instagram being excellently targeted by an ad for a dress on a site you’ve never heard of before and should probably check it out just in case you’ve discovered the brand-new “it” site none of your friends know about, and then dealing with the guilt of losing an hour!?” Hello, disarray. “Or, Caroline, is your goal to stay on track. Get this work done and out of the way. Is it to choose consistency in this hour, sticking to my routine of e-mails and writing? Feeling productive and accomplished before lunch!?” Hello, discipline! Choosing to hand that mic over to that inner-voice is a discipline. Eventually, that conversation becomes a habit. Once one thing is a habit, you have the freedom and space to focus on the next discipline: What are the tangible steps that get me from point A to point B. 

Discipline leads to desire. Choosing discipline first, is a discipline. But the beauty of discipline is that it leads to habit. Discipline makes success a habit. Success just becomes a natural occurrence! #dropthemic

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