Confession: I Don't Like Halloween!

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, reveals a secret!

Confession: I DON’T like Halloween.

This may come as a surprise to you, …or maybe it doesn’t. Halloween has never been a “holiday” I look forward to. The only good thing about the too-soon unveiling of Halloween decorations at the grocery story come September, is that, come October, Christmas decorations are quick to follow!

Every year, my go-to costume is Barbie. Long blonde hair, pink, pretty outfit and I’m good to go! For the sake of distinguishing my costume from #TheCarolineDoll , I do vary things up a bit. I’ve been Malibu Barbie, Princess Barbie, Career Barbie…

Trick-or-treaters are probably the only part of Halloween I look forward to. I love gift-giving, so handing out handfuls of candy to little angels and goblins and putting a smile on their face makes Halloween do-able!

I also am not a fan of “pumpkin” flavored things! #PSL , pumpkin pie, pumpkin candy corn…I’ll happily pass! However, I DO love decorating pumpkins. This year, I discovered the white Cinderella pumpkins, and oh my goodness! I LOVED styling my front door with these and I can’t WAIT to use them for Thanksgiving decorations. #goldglitter anyone? 

I felt a little taboo admitting this, as I know Halloween is a beloved holiday for so many of you! But as I was talking with another doll who isn’t so in to Halloween either, we both admitted we felt like the “odd balls out” as everyone starts planning their Halloween costumes and parties. All this to say, dolls, I hope you are all proudly loving what you love, celebrating it, and being it! 

We’re not all the same, nor should we be! Thank goodness for the variety of dolls out there! Continue being you and be you proudly!

Happy Holidays, ya’ll! #toosoon? 

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