I Gave Up Starbucks...for a Day.

When The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, tried breaking up with Starbucks, she realized the marketing tool that she can't live without!

If you saw on my Instagram story the other day, I decided to give up Starbucks. I calculated how much I spent on a monthly basis, and let’s just say I wasn’t too pleased with the total! SO! Tuesday morning I gave up my morning routine of kicking the day off with a drive to Starbucks. I stayed home. I pulled out the Keurig. I tried to make a “thing” of it by at least pouring it into my Tiffany blue coffee cup. Then, I got straight to work!

I’m going to be honest here and say it just isn’t the same. No amount of Starbucks syrup and pretty cups can quite makeup for the Starbucks experience. My entire morning was thrown off! It got me thinking, dolls. What is it that makes Starbucks so successful? Relationships. You can't just "give up" Starbucks...you "break up"!

Think about it! I didn’t miss the coffee, per se. (I’m really not a coffee connoisseur!) And if I reeeallly tried, I could probably make my customized drink at home. But I CAN’T replace Katie, my favorite barista. I can’t replace walking in and hearing, “Good morning, Caroline!” The entire Starbucks initiative to write its customers’ names on their cups was a genius marketing effort because people like to be known! In no way is it an exploitive marketing ploy. It’s truly a life-lesson in how we should treat each other on a day-to-day basis! People crave personal attention. We desire it! That’s because we’re relational beings! And a business that recognizes that, values that, and applies it to how they treat their clients is a successful business! 

At POSH PR®, we build brands. But more succinctly, we build relationships. I always say that with POSH PR®, your brand has a new BFF! Why? Because that’s how I see each of my clients. I want to get to know all about you because I know that’s where your brand lies! If we’re going to build your brand, getting to know your heart, your passion, what drives you — this is SO important! I couldn’t do what I do if I didn’t first establish that relationship with you.

Monday was World Kindness Day. Little acts of kindness are probably one of the BIGGEST marketing tools you can harness when it comes to building relationships! Start practicing them, dolls! Say “Hi!” to your neighbor! Smile at the person you pass in the shopping aisle at Target. Say the name of the person bagging your groceries at the grocery store! Look them in the eye and thank them! Compliment that other mom’s hair at pre-school. These are little things that make BIG impressions.

I love my Starbucks crew. They're my friends! When Katie changed locations, I drove an extra 5 miles just to see her! Needless to say, Starbucks and I are back together again. <3

Build relationships with your clients and they'll never want to break up with you!

GirlbossCaroline Kalentzos