The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, shares a sneak peek of some fresh new content!

Goodness, dolls! Sometimes I forget how much “not pretty” is behind the pretty! I’m mentally breathless as I write this, trying to catch up on the past two days! Yesterday, we had our POSH PR® branding shoot at Quirk Hotel! But the whole set-up process for one day of shooting, in the end, has probably taken more than 48 hours!

All day Tuesday, the POSH PR® dolls spent the entire day moving, styling, and packing! We even moved the shelving units from my husband’s closet down from the third floor of my townhouse! (When a girl has a vision, she has a vision. I saw a “California Closet” set up and he had the PERFECT white shelves to bring it to life!) After moving everything downstairs, we did a “mock” set up — styling exactly how we wanted the shoot to look! Then, we packed it all up! Wednesday morning we were back at it, again! Early and chilly, we unloaded and set everything up for a shoot that ended up taking all morning and into the afternoon! We didn’t finish unloading everything at my house until late! So now, I’m JUST getting to my e-mails! 

Wednesday all the POSH PR® dolls were in one place at the same time for the first time!  (This may have been my favorite part of the whole shoot!) I can’t tell you how surreal it is to see POSH PR® grow in this way! There was so much productive and creative energy in one spot and I LOVED it! I can just sense there are even more exciting things coming in the POSH PR® future!

Speaking of the future … I can’t WAIT to be back at Quirk Hotel January 7th-8th for “The PR Behind the Pretty" Business Intensive! Come learn all about Styling + Lifestyle + Branding + more! SO happy to share a sneak peek of the the fresh new content and where we’ll be learning about all things PR in just a couple months!

[Photography for POSH PR® by Remy Thompson!]

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