The Beauty of a Blooper!

Are you quick to delete an unflattering picture of yourself? I know I am! The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, takes a look at the photos that never made it and shares why maybe they should have!

The other day, someone commented on how photogenic I always seem to be. “I never ever take a good photo!,” she said. First of all, I HIGHLY doubt this, she’s beautiful. Secondly, seem is the key word here, my friends. For every decent photo I post, I can promise you, dolls, there are hundreds of not-so flattering photos. 

Why are we always so quick to hit delete? And why are negative thoughts the first lens through which we judge ourselves? 

When I see an unflattering photo of myself, it’s like I have a built in reflex where my fingers hit “delete” immediately! You know what’s most frustrating? Is when, just before a photo, you can look PERFECT in the mirror. You turn around, snap that photo and suddenly….things aren’t as they seemed! How does THAT work? Mirror, mirror on the wall, YOU’RE the most flattering of them all! (Especially those “skinny” mirrors. Do you know the ones I’m talking about?!) Most of the time, whomever I’m with will say, “What on earth, Caroline! That was a perfectly fine picture.” “Not so!,” I think and proceed to delete, delete, delete! I’m that person whenever I see someone else delete a cute picture of themselves! This got me thinking, why are we so so critical of ourselves?

Think about it! More so than not, I’m more likely to have a critical eye or am reticent to be proud of something I’ve done. Sometimes, I’ll even doubt myself before I even begin! I don’t even give myself a chance! In this digital selfie-age, we are pressured to be more self-aware. More and more, branding and marketing demands the person and their personality to be in front of the camera. This totally isn’t a bad thing. In fact, I LOVE it. I love the invitation to be more relational, more intentional, more real! But as this becomes the norm, how do we ever expect to do succeed in this world if the first lens through which we view ourselves is negative? 

Negative film makes the lightest parts of a photo dark. A negative mentality does the same thing too, doesn’t it? You immediately look for the flaws, the teeny tiny flaws (if they’re even there at all!), and they shadow the beauty! Rather than seizing the possibility that’s there, a negative mentality weighs it down. 

I’m always going to love a good “skinny” mirror. Of course I’m going to like a more flattering photo of myself. But what if, in 2018, we approached our work, our perceptions of ourselves, looking for and expecting the good? What if we let ourselves see the good that everyone else sees?

So, with these bloopers, I’m choosing to see the good. Did these "bloopers" made you giggle? GOOD!

When you surround yourself with people who love and support you, who can relate to you, spectacular things can happen, dolls! In 2018 surround yourself with positivity. At “The PR Behind the Pretty” business intensive coming up this January, there’s a spot for you and 20+ other women, ready to support and encourage you right from the beginning! Sign up here!

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