The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, experiences a whole new kind of luxury at Eau Palm Beach!

You know how I always say the difference between moderate and luxury is in the details? Eau Palm Beach is the truest testimony to that statement! I’ve been blessed to be able to see and stay at beautiful places over the past few years, but Eau Palm Beach gave a whole new meaning to the word “luxury.” 

Upon check-in, they greeted us with sparkling Rosé! (They, too, know that Champagne is Always the Answer! What EXCELLENT PR, if I do say so myself!) When I say “details” I mean things like heavy door knobs and heavy solid doors, the truest craftsmanship and care and attention to every detail. It was basically a Jonathan Adler boutique, as well! You could literally buy things off the wall! What I LOVE about his aesthetic is his gift for color and form, and to stay in a hotel where the entire decor is done by such a designer, well that’s an experience unlike any other! 

They generously upgraded Costa and I to a King’s size suite. Nick, their PR manager, left the sweetest note, welcoming us to a place we found so hard to leave! We were there to visit my family for Thanksgiving, but all we wanted to do was hang out in the lobby! (They even had a mimosa bar! Not to mention delicious food!)

Though I’ve been married to Costa since June, I can never hear enough of “Mrs. Kalentzos!” Wherever we walked around, the staff made sure to know our names and wish us well. What I loved about the entire experience was the juxtaposition between the building itself, and the atmosphere. Modern, playful, and indulgent, as their site describes, the hotel is a complete vision! But their hospitality is truly timeless. To be so attended to, it felt like we were a part of a Hollywood glamour film! (If only wearing long furs and charming chapeaus were still en vogue!)

Eau Palm Beach is a destination within a destination and I can’t WAIT to go back!

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