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Would you like direct access to all things POSH PR®? Well, now is your chance! This New Year, The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, invites YOU to join #THEPRDOLLS Facebook community! 

What exactly do you do?” It’s been five years since I launched this little business of mine and I STILL can’t seem to escape that question! It’s always been a point of laughter whenever I try to explain to my husband’s parents what it is I do! I’m not sure if they’ll ever quite grasp the digital world of PR now, but there is a lesson to be learned here, dolls: If you don’t tell people what you sell, they won’t know!

Empowering women is the foundation underneath everything I do. I’m here to help make any woman’s path to success a little less intimidating and a little more pretty! From concept to creation, I’m here to help build your brand!

The POSH PR® website has had a bit of a revamp, recently. Clear communication is imperative, and the idea that less is more? I think that actually accomplishes SO much. So, I’ve paired things down a bit, listing each service we offer and then fleshing out what that is with a few key lines. 

This revamp made me SO excited about what we can do for future clients! But then that got me thinking…I am all about community over competition. And if there was ONE thing I thought was lacking from POSH PR®, it would have to be our ability to help every woman out there! So, naturally, the problem-solver in me had to create a solution and I’m SO excited YOU can be a part of it!

With the launch of a New Year, comes the launch of #THEPRDOLLS, a private Facebook group for all things PR. #THEPRDOLLS is a place for you to receive a microcosm of our one-on-one client experience with affordable access.

#THEPRDOLLS Membership

What can you expect from this new membership?! Daily, you’ll receive PR + Branding + Marketing e-mails from us with our thought of the day, tips for the week, and even a day to send in any question you’d like to ask me! Like the image above? Well, when you purchase a $15/month membership to #THEPRDOLLS, every Monday you will receive three curated images as fresh content for YOUR use from our very own POSH PR® photographer, Remy Thompson! Creative content is hard to come by, so we’ll also be sending you pretty mail monthly! This online community will be moderated by @thecarolinedoll + #THEPRDOLLS as a place for consistent conversation and engagement. My favorite part? We’ll be going live with Facebook Live for monthly Q&A sessions! Kind of like Vogue Daily, but for business owners!

If you truly want to hit the New Year running, join #THEPRDOLLS! We’ll be running right along side you! Click here to learn more and sign up!