How To Be An Extrovert In Business

How to be an extrovert in business and network like a boss!

Hi sweet friends!! I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend!! 

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at the Brand Passion Guide Workshop in Annapolis, Maryland as a mentor for a group of attendees. I absolutely LOVE mentoring and talking with women about their aspiring businesses! But, as much as I enjoy these kind of speaking engagements and getting to know new people, it can be so totally exhausting! Sometimes after being that social and talkative all day, I go home and have to completely turn my brain off and recharge. So, I was inspired to delve a little further into what it’s like to be slightly introverted in a business world that requires you to be extroverted. 

Yes, you can be successful as a boss lady even if you aren't a natural born extrovert. I think there’s a misconception that you have to be this super outgoing power house in order to effectively network and make business connections. You can still be memorable and leave your impression on people without being the most gregarious human ever. Just be you! Be approachable and genuine and people will remember that!

The best advice if you find yourself at all uncomfortable talking with new people is to get them talking about themselves! Being an extrovert doesn't necessarily mean being the Chatty Cathy at the event. You can easily hold a conversation by being a great listener! People love talking about what they’re working on and you don’t have to overpower the discussion or sell yourself the whole time. Being a good listener in any networking situation is a quality people will certainly admire and remember about you!

I always try to make an effort to talk to everyone in the room at least for a moment. If you get anxious having lengthy conversations with one person, go and have small chats with a lot of different people! You’ll never know what kind of business potential is in a room if you let one conversation monopolize your time. Not to say you need to cut anyone off, but you can politely exchange contact info (ALWAYS HAVE ENOUGH BUSINESS CARDS) and find a time to continue the conversation! 

It’s alright to be a little nervous going into large social events, I still get nervous before big speaking engagements! It’s also okay to not be “on” all the time. I truly need time by myself to unwind and get focused, yes, even Boss Ladies need quiet time to refresh! Smile, be a good listener, and always stay true to yourself! You’ll calm your own nerves in any social situation and definitely leave a lasting impression on potential clients you might meet!

XO Caroline Doll