Pretty In Pink Boudoir Photoshoot

How to style your boudoir shoot with pretty and pink accents!

I am SO excited to share with you the details on a fun photo shoot from last week! I worked with one of my favorite photographers, Shalese Danielle Photography, on a boudoir shoot at Quirk Hotel.  When Shalese and I spoke about the vision and overall direction for the shoot, I'm not going to lie, I was a bit nervous!  I knew immediately that I didn't want a "traditional" boudoir shoot.  I wanted to make it fun, girly and glamorous -- okay, when do I ever NOT want to do that?! 

As a luxury wedding planner, I often times book these shoots for my brides.  I now recognize how scary they seem!  And how difficult it can be to style these type of shoots.  I'm sharing a few tips for styling your boudoir shoot in order to produce photos that reflect your heart.... PS: Wait until you see some of these pretty details, and of course…lots of PINK!

Tips for styling your boudoir shoot:

1. Stay true to YOU!

Styling a beautiful and elegant boudoir shoot isn't always an easy task! There are a lot of implications associated with boudoir that it has to be super racy and that’s just simply not the case! You can totally have a tasteful and stylish boudoir shoot and have fun doing it! Whether you’re a bride looking for ideas, a wedding planner tasked with design, or a photographer trying to get into this realm of wedding photography, remember to stay true to YOU when planning this shoot.

2. Find a venue that you love!

Luckily, I’ve done a few other shoots at the lovely Quirk Hotel, so I was already familiar with the room layout and their decor style. I was able to use Quirk’s white and pink color palette to my advantage and style the shoot around the look of the hotel room. There are so many small and easy things you can bring to make your boudoir shoot amazing at any location!  I do recommend you are in a space that feels good to you.  Since I am getting married at Quirk in 10 days (Eek!) this venue was the perfect backdrop for the shoot.

3. Don't forget the little details!

Like I always say — luxury is all about the details! I styled the end tables with beautiful blooms, champagne, fashion books and even Christian Louboutin shoes.  Why not?!  Not only are these adorable photo features, but it’s a great way to remember all the small details that make your wedding day unique! I even brought my veil as well as our wedding bands for some added extras! However, one of my favorite details of this shoot: the pink sequin pillows!  By adding these additional throw pillows it make the overall look and feel very soft and feminine.  

Don't forget to get details shots of your lingerie and styling items!  Style these items on the bed next to a strand of pearls, or capture them on a fabulous glitter hanger! There are SO many lovely and elegant pieces of lingerie that can easily bring a lot of style to your photoshoot!  TIP: Be sure to include accessories and props that are going to make you feel comfortable.

4. Have Fun!

Remember, this is supposed to be FUN!  My bridal shower was the weekend before the boudoir shoot, so I brought some of the leftover desserts and had Shalese take some cute photos of me eating cake in bed! Pour yourself some champagne and unwind a little bit! Just remember to have fun with it because that’s what will show in the final photos.

XO The Caroline Doll