"Style Your Mind" Podcast Interview

The Caroline Doll's podcast interview with fellow boss lady, Cara Alwill Leyba, discussing fashion, branding, and all things business! 

Happy Wednesday, dolls!! 

I’m kicking off this crazy exciting week by sharing with you all my upcoming interview on Cara Alwill Leyba’s “Style Your Mind” podcast! Cara, the author of Girl Code and The Champagne Diet, recently started an amazing podcast series highlighting her own experiences in business as well as interviewing some of the other boss ladies that inspire her. I’m so honored to be included on her new journey and forever grateful to simply call her a friend! This girl is one of a kind!

Seriously, it’s SO important to build a community of likeminded business women but it’s also VERY hard to find those true boss lady friends. I think that’s why Cara and I have hit it off so well because we both know how lonely being a female entrepreneur can be. We also know that we you find someone you want in your boss lady community, you hold on tight to them! Funny story: Cara and I actually met on Instagram when I purchased her book from Amazon, styled a photo with it, and tagged her. Soon enough we were on the phone for hours until we finally decided I was booking a flight to New York! And so began an incredible friendship (bonded even more by our mutual love for champagne). 

Cara Alwill Leyba

Here's what @thechampagnediet is saying about the segment! "Episode 27 of Style Your Mind is now available! When you meet someone who has trademarked the slogan, "Champagne is Always the Answer," you suspect you may have just encountered one of your biz besties! @thecarolinedoll and I connected about a year and a half ago after noticing that she Instagrammed a VERY beautiful picture of my book, #GirlCode. Turns out she was hosting a book club at Kate Spade in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia and Girl Code was her first pick. We connected immediately and after a nearly 2 hour phone call I KNEW that this girl was one of us. She is brilliant, beautiful, and bubbly. In this episode we talk a LOT about branding, self-belief, burnout and the REAL life of a lady boss. Caroline shares the mistakes she made when starting out in her wedding planning/PR business and offers a glimpse behind the pink curtain (gotta love some #realtalk). If you’re a female entrepreneur I think you’re really gonna love this one! Available now on the podcast app, in iTunes and on Stitcher."

Be sure to check out the segment here and follow Cara @thechampagnediet on Instagram!

XO The Caroline Doll