Let's Talk About The B-Word...

How to maintain brand consistency in all aspects of your business with tips from the CEO of POSH PR®, The Caroline Doll!

I feel like I’ve been dropping the b-word a lot on the blog recently so let’s talk about it…BRANDING!  As a fashion PR agency, POSH PR® helps businesses, both large and small, identify their brands and use that identity to drive their marketing strategy.  But what make a brand successful?  What separates good brands from GREAT brands? I believe consistency is key!

Consistency in your branding can mean a lot of things.  It can mean using consistent color schemes and fonts for everything from your website to your email marketing to your business cards. It can mean a consistent tone of voice that you use in your blog and your Instagram captions. There’s endless platforms to maintain branding consistency so let’s look at a few:

The Caroline Doll Styled Photo

Colors and Fonts

This one may SOUND easy, but you would be surprised at how many companies don’t have a font or color scheme that is truly THEIRS.  Using the same font in your website copy, blog posts, emails, business cards, and stationery is a subtle yet definitive way to give your brand a specific look and feel that your customers will respond to.  

Tone of Voice

At POSH PR®, our Instagram posts, newsletters, blogs, and Facebook posts all have the same tone of voice.  I try to keep it light, fun, and a little cheeky while maintaining a hint of professionalism and poise.  The posts are not likely to remind you of a post from Nasty Gal (even though Sophia Amoruso will always have our hearts!) or Apple. Having a consistent tone gives potential clients and customers a reason to trust you — they know what they’re going to get and they know it’s coming from YOU!

What Do You Like?

I’m always reinforcing staying true to yourself. If you can match your branding vision with your own personal likes and dislikes, it’s going to make consistency so much easier! What visually appeals to you? What are some of your own catch phrases or favorite words? Do you have a specific shade of color that really catches your eye? Try to blend your own preferences with your brand for a smooth, cohesive feel!

I won’t sugar coat it, keeping your brand consistent and creating content that reflects your brand is HARD! But the reward of staying true to yourself and being able to watch your brand flourish is SO worth it!

XO The Caroline Doll