Shopping With The Caroline Doll Just Got Easier!

Now you can shop all of The Caroline Doll's favorite fashion finds with one simple click!

One of my favorite things about running a PR agency that specializes in fashion is that I am privy to fabulous new shopping opportunities before they hit the pubic!  Whether it be an event, a product release, or a new fashion designer launching their line.  

I love that so many of you follow along on Instagram to discover new fashion, beauty and lifestyle products.  When I was in Greece a few weeks ago we received SO MANY requests for where to shop some of the pieces that I packed with me on our honeymoon.  It was so much fun to see these comments and help you all as your virtual stylist from another county!  We realized that we needed to make a change here at The Caroline Doll Blog...

The best part? We are going to make it EASY for you to shop all of our favorite fashion finds!

rewardStyle is an amazing way to shop my favorite products and all of the clothing + accessories I feature in my photos! They have created a great way to make this even easier by releasing their "" app! is a shopping discovery app that allows followers to shop their screenshots. Imagine you're scrolling through Instagram and you say to yourself "I have to find that dress!" So you screenshot the picture to save for later, then you endlessly search the internet for the same dress you saw in the picture only to come up empty handed and dress-less. Not anymore! 

Download the app and screenshot any of my Instagram photos with the heart icon in the bottom left corner. You will immediately receive a notification with shoppable product information!

Not to worry though, if you don't have Instagram you aren't left out! You can easily click on pictures from the blog or our newsletters to shop my favorite looks as well! 

You can try it out now by clicking here to see all of my favorite looks or you can click on the picture above to shop that specific outfit + accessories!