You Are What You Read!

The CEO of POSH PR®, The Caroline Doll, Explains How She Uses Fashion Books to Create Custom Brand Content!

You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat?” Well, I’d like to add, “You are what you READ!” Dolls, we are DAYS away from the release of Vogue’s September Issue. Do you know what this means?! MAJOR inspiration. I’m not a trinket person. I really am a quality over quantity kind-of-girl. But if I collect anything, it’s fashion magazines and fashion books. For me, the release of a new issue or a new book means the spark of content innovation!

What the quotes above shine light on is the importance of how you nurture yourself, mind, body, and soul. I am a firm believer that if whatever we take in is lovely, than whatever we put out will be lovely as well. Fashion magazines and books are how I nurture my brand. There’s a certain explosion of creative ingenuity that you can’t get from a Pinterest board, no matter how well curated it may be! I think the difference is this: Fashion magazines and books teach you HOW to style, Pinterest tells you WHAT to style.

My eyes are like a camera for my mind. Whatever I put in front of them, will develop into multiple little pink idea bubbles. (This is how I picture it in my head! Basically, champagne.) The more I flip through, the more they begin to burst with ideas for creating my own content. Cheers to that!

I want everything I do for my clients to be BEYOND custom. My vision is for it to speak to them, to be perfectly tailored to their personality. I can’t stop developing an idea until I’m obsessed with the end result. This is a consuming process that needs re-enforcement! Instead of going on a walk to take a break from my work, I turn to the inspirational pages of my fashion magazines and books. I have them strategically displayed throughout my entire house! I even love re-styling my styling book displays!

I absolutely value Pinterest. But, it’s also overwhelming! Honestly, I don’t think I could use Pinterest if I didn’t first get the inspiration of what I’m looking for from Vogue or CoCo Chanel (#bosslady). Once I see my vision in my head and am inspired, then I’ll know what keywords to search on Pinterest.   

Start turning those pages, dolls!