What's In a Name?

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, talks Instagram Handles, Brand Naming, and Baby Dolls.

The millennial Juliet may ask, "What's In an Instagram Handle?"

SO much thought goes into naming a brand. At the Creative @ Heart Conference, one popular question was whether or not I had a personal Instagram account, and if so, when did I decide to branch into my brand Instagram account. Ordinarily, most people do separate the two, having their personal account and then deciding to create the brand account as well. In Caroline fashion, I realized I went about this in a backward way!

The Caroline Doll IS me! From day one, I was my mom’s baby doll. My mom wasn’t really planning on having another baby, but God had other plans (and so did I)! She would say that “doll” was one of the first words out of my mouth. I LOVE Barbie’s style, but as a child I was ALL ABOUT baby dolls. My dad was a pilot. I grew up on airplanes. I remember walking down the aisle, introducing my baby doll to everyone! Thinking about it now, I think baby dolls were my favorite because they’re something you have to take care of and make pretty! The Caroline Doll has been in business since day one! With POSH PR®, I turned empowering women and making things pretty into my profession!

Dolls, the second you realize the power of YOU, branding becomes effortless. Only you can offer the special talents, quirks, and personality that makes you you! Staying true to yourself sets you apart more than any clever Instagram handle ever could. Not because you’re better than anybody else, but because nobody else can be you!

You’re the CEO of you! Especially with lifestyle brands. I put my lifestyle out to the world. I attract my ideal client via that lifestyle. Being true and honest to yourself removes 50% of the leg work behind marketing! You’re able to build your brand around the things that fire you up! Things you’re passionate about! That keeps you going more than any paycheck ever could.

Caroline Doll Head Shots-0115.jpg

“A woman who walks in purpose does not have to chase people or opportunities, her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.”

Stay true to yourself and you’ll have no competition.