PR: Building Her Brand AND Yours!

CEO of Posh PR®, The Caroline Doll, talks PR, Plain and Simple!  

“What is PR?”

A while ago, when I was speaking in Raleigh, I came to the conclusion that people don’t understand what PR is! Recently, my husband Costa had to show his parents my Instagram page in order to explain to them what it is I do! (I’m still not QUITE sure they understand!)

I build brands. But, more succinctly, I build relationships.

A successful PR firm has a visionary niche, and work with other like-minded brands to cast that vision to the world (or those in the world who appreciate the same things!). Empowering women is the core of what I do; it’s my vision. Enabling others to promote the same things I’m passionate about is what I’m here to do! Casting that visionary net out to the world of pretty and pink!

PR is a tribe building industry. I’ve been asked so many times, “How do I build my brand and build other’s brands at the same time?” But let me tell you this, dolls: When it comes to PR, the more the merrier! A successful PR firm works together in its community and is ever-expanding! Here are a few starter points for the road to success!:

Rule Number One: Sometimes you have to be the guinea pig!

If you can’t do PR for yourself, you can’t do it for anyone else. This comes down to authenticity, flaunting YOUR style, and being confident in your brand. If I come up with a new idea, I test it on my brand first. That way, I’m able to say, “This worked for me, this can work for you, too!”

Rule Number Two: If you get too busy, OUTSOURCE!

I’m not kidding when I say the “more the merrier” in PR. More people are passionate about what you’re passionate about?? FABULOUS! Dream BIG, dolls! Don’t be overwhelmed by unanswered inquiries, be inspired! Expand into blogging for free advertising! Take on interns, assistants, writers! There are ALWAYS people out there looking for ways to be involved.Let them! Your brand needs to continue to grow with your clients!

Rule Number Three: TELL ALL!

My mom always asks, “You just tell people your secrets!?” Yes! That’s building my brand, that is, building relationships with other women who are passionate about what I’m passionate about! When you’re willing to educate, you’re seen as an expert in your niche because you’ve been there, done that!

In PR, it’s so important to find and work with people who are passionate about what you’re passionate about. Like I’ve said in a previous post, connecting with like-minded people takes 50% of the leg work out of marketing. Why? Because dolls of a pink feather, flock together!