POSH Place #2: 21c Museum Hotel Louisville

The Caroline Doll, CEO of Posh PR®, reveals the second go-to destination for her POSH Places blog series!

P-O-S-H-: “Often said to be an acronym of the phrase port out, starboard home, the most desirable location for a cabin in British ships.” 21c Museum Hotel Louisville: The most desirable location for a POSH doll to getaway in Louisville!

While I was not out sailing the seven seas this weekend, Costa and I did take a quick getaway trip my to my home roots in Louisville, Kentucky! While the above definition is a purported origin of the word POSH, it totally fits with where we got to stay this weekend.

Some of my favorite pieces of art this gorgeous museum hotel had to offer!

POSH: “Elegant, or stylishly luxurious.” THAT, dolls, is what I’m all about. I’m a pretty-peruser, always on the hunt for pretty places. As part of my POSH Places blog series, I’m so excited to introduce you to this fabulous contemporary art museum. I mean, hotel. I mean, BOTH!

At 21c Museum Hotel, you won’t find lifeless generic skyline prints adorning the lobby. Instead, you check-in standing in the middle of a contemporary art gallery. It’s SO unexpected. One moment, you feel like you’re gallery hopping the streets of Chelsea, and the next you’re unpacking your suitcase inside of your own, personal gallery-inspired hotel room. As a creative, what better place to stay than a place that lives and breathes creativity. 

Can you believe this view from our private rooftop terrace, overlooking the city?! PS: I may or may not be drinking bourbon! 

I think what I loved most is how the hotel made me feel instantly in-tune with the city. You know how most hotels are just the resting point; you sit around waiting for the real fun to begin once you leave? Not so with 21c! The museum aspect of the hotel functions as a public gallery. Right from the start, you’re pulled into the city scene, brushing shoulders with art lovers and locals. I loved checking my e-mails on the rooftop, accompanied by 21c signature installations: Red Penguins. Murals, ready-mades, installations — there’s no corner left unturned! No matter where you point your camera, the backdrop will be FILLED with FUN bold graphics. 

I did NOT want to leave! How chic is this hallway?!

What makes the entire experience even better? Though contemporary on the inside, the staff possess that traditional Southern charm I know and love so well.  Needless to say, I did NOT want to leave!

If you’re hotel hunting, or gallery hopping be sure to check out this one of a kind POSH Place!