Rags to Riches: If Louis Vuitton Can Do It, So Can You!

CEO of POSH PR®, The Caroline Doll, recaps the VIP Vintage Handbag Pre-sale Party, and shares why Louis Vuitton is her favorite luxury brand!

If you were able to come to the VIP Vintage Handbag Pre-sale Party at Stony Point Fashion Park last Friday, I’m so happy you made it! If you weren’t, I’m so sorry you missed it! And I’d love to catch you up!

But first, I’d like to share my favorite sales tool with you: The Story. I love stories. I honestly think telling the story behind a product or service is actually the most powerful sales tool in the books! A story is what people can most connect to. So, I’d like to share one of my favorite Cinderella stories with you, and it happens to be about Louis Vuitton, the man of the hour last Friday night! Who would have thought that a 13 year old orphan from a working-class French family, was destined to be the creator of a luxury brand empire??

Louis Vuitton’s mother passed away when he was ten; his father not too long after. Discontent with where he was, as a 13 year old, he set foot for Paris. He made the decision to make a change. He put one foot in front of the other for 292 miles! Over the two year voyage, he did what he had to do to get to where he was going! What made him get through the odd jobs was his focus on his pursuit of his dream, never giving up! When he arrived in Paris, he became the apprentice to a box-maker and packer. He pursued this with excellence; separating himself from the rest, he built a desirable reputation among Paris’ elite! Eventually he branched out on his own. With the arrival of train travel, he saw a need in the market for stackable, water-proof suitcases, to a consumer who only had trunks with rounded tops. To make a fascinating story short, he became the personal box maker and packer to the Empress of France, and the rest is history

When I see a Louis Vuitton store, I feel at I’m home. Not just because of the fact it’s a symbol of luxury or prestige, but because I feel at home in that story. Cinderella stories, the rags to riches classics, make an impression because they happened. It tells the listener that magical things CAN and DO happen in this world! Louis Vuitton pursued a life he loved; he was determined to create it, and he did! When I worked at Louis Vuitton, we were taught to handle the bags with precision. There was a way to pull the bag out from the drawer; two hands always had to be on the bag; the felt had to show the LV logo. The brand inherited this level of details and excellence from one man! 

Friday night, we sold collector Louis Vuitton bags that have more than a 150 year old legacy to their name! I can’t tell you how much of an honor that was!