Branding Photo Shoots: How to Bring Your Brand to Life!

If your content doesn't speak for your brand, and ONLY your brand, what will separate it from the rest? The Caroline Doll, CEO of Posh PR®, offers just the solution!

When I started creating my own brand images, my brand took off.

I remember spending hours, carefully selecting words, objects (anything from my favorite pair of shoes to my must-have lipstick). I chose things that spoke to me, were a part of me, and therefore spoke for who Posh PR® is. I would obsess over styling them perfectly, in just the right lighting, at just the right angle until I thought it said: Posh PR® or The Caroline Doll (both being interchangeable, of course!). It wasn’t perfect until it matched my personality!  My mom thought I was CRAZY for spending so much time on these mini-photoshoots! But let me tell you dolls, crazy or not, the moment I stopped sharing other people’s photos, and started sharing my own, was the moment my inbox started overflowing! 

One client emailed me and said, “I love all of your content/photos, you don’t do branding photoshoots, do you?" EPIPHANY! I had always presumed this was a part of the process. I thought people did this for themselves. But people asked ME to do it for them! So, of course I replied, “Well, yes! This is what I do!” 

Most PR firms are media buyers, pulling from different sources to put the promotion campaign together for a brand. But I honestly don’t know how they do it! iStock offers millions of photos to millions of users all over the world! That’s great! But do you really want photos that have been seen millions of times? If you don't have anything new to offer, what will draw clients to you? You are being hired for YOU; you are the FACE OF YOUR BRAND! 

This past week, we did a styling shoot for a brand named Sugar & Hive. (PS: I can not wait to share her website once it is live!) First step for me? Establish the client and the brand’s foundation. How? SHOPPING! Two of my client’s descriptive words for her brand were “fresh & feminine!” I took off from there, finding elements, textures, and props that could live on a shelf, exuding a “fresh & feminine” aura! 

Details are essential for styling brand photoshoots. They bring your brand’s personality to life. Just how your own eccentricities and characteristics separate you from the rest, your brand’s personality lives in its uniqueness! 

Giving life to something is one of the most life-giving experiences! I think that’s why I jump at the opportunity to be a part of a brand’s launch! I love seeing something through from start to finish! It is a full a production! From booking hair and makeup, outfitting, hiring the photographer, designing, creating and sourcing all items — I happily bring this all to my client! Basically, I just need you to show up and treat yourself! There’s a lot involved in this kind of production. While you’re busy being a bosslady, I can schedule your content future for you! 

This is a specialty I am SO excited to offer! From websites, e-mail marketing campaigns… all of the tools you need to successfully promote your brand digitally in a world that’s becoming more and more digital. Let’s talk to see how we can bring your brand to LIFE!


Photography for Posh PR® by Erika Lynn Photography.