But What If I'm TOO Pink?!

The Caroline Doll, CEO of Posh PR®, on why you should THINK PINK when it comes to choosing your brand's colors, and explains why Millennial Pink isn't just a color.

I was scared of pink. 

Yes, my dolls. The Caroline Doll thought twice before deciding to embrace pink. Pink, the color you can’t walk an inch in my house without seeing, the color of my favorite champagne. Even prior to Posh PR®, when you thought “Caroline” you saw PINK. So, why on earth was I scared of my favorite color? Because pink is a statement. 

Caroline Doll Head Shots-0183.jpg

From Barbie pink, to Bubble Gum pink, to Hello Kitty pink … there’s such a strong personality associated with pink. You either like it, or you don’t. Many people don’t. I was afraid of the many who don’t. I cared about what other people would think. I didn’t want my brand to be overbearing. “What if it was too in-your-face pink?” I thought. Choosing your brand’s color can be a make-it-or-break-it decision! Color is the first point of engagement with your client, the first thing they’ll remember. When I first launched Posh PR®, it kind of felt like there was an effort to shun pink. It was the label for all things too girly. 

Too girly?? “Caroline,” I thought to myself, “since when is girly a bad thing?!” NEVER! Pink is feminine. Pink is powerful. It’s feminine because it’s powerful; it’s powerful because it’s feminine! I think that’s why there’s been a kind of renaissance via Millennial Pink. You see it EVERYWHERE! And it’s not even just ONE color. Millennial Pink ranges from a salmon color to a dust rose color, and anything in between. It's more of a statement, rather a color. It's a "spokescolor," so to speak. No, it may not be as loud and POP as much as Barbie pink, but the statement is still there: Feminine is powerful. Pink IS girly, and it is so UNAPOLOGETICALLY! 

And THAT is what I decided Posh PR® would be: unapologetically Caroline!

A brand’s color should exude the personality you want to portray. As soon as I gave myself the freedom to be ME, that’s when my business took off. I was being my authentic self, the only special thing I had to offer to my ideal client. And THAT worked. I read in an article from Inc.com that “‘Consumers know intuitively if the color and brand connect, and if it’s authentic.….If it doesn’t connect, it turns them off.’ Sometimes, companies think that finding a “popular” color…will help sales. But this is rarely the case. ‘Whether its trendy or not, or whether they like it or not, won’t necessarily matter as much as if it’s authentic.’” Not being pink would be false advertising for Posh PR®!


So, what is The Caroline Doll Pink?

The Caroline Doll Pink is not afraid of pretty. The Caroline Doll Pink loves unicorns and tutus. The Caroline Doll Pink represents a brand that believes us girls are capable of SO MUCH! That is what pink means to me: Being your authentic beautiful self!

Think pink, dolls. When you let your true colors shine, the color wheel turns into the wheel of fortune. Pinky swear.