My Thoughts On Instagram!

The Caroline Doll, CEO of Posh PR®, shares her thoughts on connecting with your clients via Instagram!

It’s funny how quickly the Internet and Social Media have evolved. Do any of you remember being warned about “The Internet” and “Stranger Danger”?! Fast forward to now and there are apps made deliberately for meeting new people! Strategically and confidently using Instagram, and really any social media platform can open SO MANY doors for you on both a personal AND business level.

When I first started Posh PR, my mom was SO confused as to why I was spending so much time on branding photoshoots. She was used to the old school way of marketing and didn’t understand why I wasn’t out there marketing myself. The fact of the matter is I was out there marketing myself! When used strategically, Instagram is your platform for presenting your brand. When used confidently, it’s the means of connecting with your audience.

The other day, I was running an errand at Target. Before I knew it, there was this adorable girl sprinting towards me asking if I was The Caroline Doll! She loves what I love — everything pink and pretty — and found me on Instagram! I actually ended up asking her to be a model for a photoshoot for another client of mine, who also found me on Instagram. My top PR client found me from a hashtag. I don’t remember who followed who, but I “met” one of my best friends in the industry on Instagram. When we first met in person, we couldn’t believe that was the first time! This year alone, from Instagrams and hashtags, I’ve probably brought in around $50,000. Where am I going with this, you ask??

It’s so important to remember that there is a real person behind an account. If you’re drawn to their account, it’s because you like the same things they do! Instant connection. Don’t be afraid to reach out! Don’t get caught up in the discouraging effects of comparison. Erase that mentality from your approach! Instead, be encouraged when you find an account of someone whose interests match with yours! Instagram can open a whole new world for potential collaborations, partnerships, and friendships! 

I’ll be sharing more about mastering social media and using it strategically at my upcoming Business Intensive: The PR Behind the Pretty on November 5th! Sign up now!

GirlbossCaroline Kalentzos