What Discontentment Is Actually Telling You...

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, on how you can turn discouragement into encouragement! 

I’m too busy with my own life to worry about hers. 

Dolls, I know this may sound a little harsh. But this topic has been on my mind a little more than usual, recently. So many of us have a tendency to look off into the grass on the other side, so to speak, meanwhile, we’re sitting on the fence of inactivity. If you’re constantly looking off at what everyone else is doing, well then - yes! They’re grass would look like fields of emerald green compared to your position, sitting on a fence. 

My question for you is what are you doing for your dreams while comparing your life to hers? Truth be told, the only reason why you may feel discouraged by her success is because, deep down, you know you could be doing the exact same thing, but you’re not. Come to think of it, this fact could be encouraging, if you let it.

Think about it. We see people accomplishing things every day! Why do our hearts tug a little more when she achieves something compared to when *other* she achieves something? I think this discontentment stems from recognizing that you, too, could be doing the exact same thing for YOUR dreams! I think this tug of the heart is actually a pull toward the direction your heart wants you to move forward in! 

I’ve been there too. And I’ll be there again. But the difference now is that I listen to that tug. Sometimes it pushes me forward into achievement and sometimes it pulls me backward into what seems like failure. Regardless, I allow it to cause me to MOVE! To do SOMETHING! 

I’m too busy to be sitting on a fence! And I KNOW that your dreams are too big to ignore. I want to encourage you to make the jump, sweet girl. E-mail us at heydoll@poshpr.com. Let’s talk about how we can start creating your field of dreams!