POSH ICON: Lilly Pulitzer

When life hands you lemon stains, make dresses! The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, discovers valuable life lessons from the woman behind the print, Lilly Pulitzer!

Meeting the newest members of #theprdolls at “The PR Behind the Pretty” has been everything I’ve ever dreamed of and more. It’s funny, I may be the host of this business intensive, but I am learning so much and most of all have been SO inspired hearing the stories of all of these beautiful women who are making their dreams come true. They’ve chosen to ACT and EDUCATE themselves in order to take on that dream of theirs. 

When you take the first step toward accomplishing your dreams, you don’t really know where it’s going to take you! For instance, who would have thought that a little juice stand could turn into a Palm Beach Empire?

Lillian Lee McKim was born with several advantages in life. Her mother was an heiress of the Standard Oil fortune, her husband? The grandson of the publisher and founder of the Pulitzer Prize. After their marriage, she and her husband moved to Palm Beach, where they owned several citrus groves. Lillian used the produce form their groves to open a juice stand.

As you can imagine, a juice stand on a hot summer’s day would get a little messy! To keep from ruining her clothes and to keep up non-stained appearances, Lillian decided to design her own colorful shifts, with abstract prints to camouflage the stains! 

Growing up, Lillian was surrounded by a more conservative style, where solids and plaid ruled the day. Uninhibited by tradition, Lillian boldly decided to offer something DIFFERENT! Because, why NOT?! Eventually, customers started demanding shifts instead of juices, so Lillian opened her first clothing boutique right on Worth Avenue! 

Lilly Pulitzer is both a perspective on life and a fashion. Expressive, colorful, and fun, Lillian, or “Lilly”, built upon what was in her heart and allowed it to create her life. A messy stain turned into a fashion lifestyle! 

SO many lessons to be learned here, sweet dolls. When life hands you juice stains, make dresses! She was open to “the pivot” — i.e. when your business turns a direction you hadn’t originally planned on going! 

This is just the first of “The PR Behind the Pretty” business intensives and I can’t WAIT to see what kind of brands these bold and creative women will bring into the world and I can’t wait to help YOU do the same! E-mail us at heydoll@poshpr.com!