A Pink Razor With A Cause?!

New favorite razor alert!


I am that girl who buys something *just* for the cute packaging. Imagine my delight when I discovered Angel Shave Club, a woman-owned business that delivers fresh razors in a pretty-pink box as often as a doll could want!

Upon opening my very first box, I found an even cuter, smaller box, containing 8 razor heads. Let’s be honest…do any of us change our razors as often as we should? Angel Shave Club recommends changing your blade every week, so getting a new set of fresh razorblades on my doorstep right when I need them is a game-changer.

The handle included is pink and chic with a pleasant weight and no-slip grip. This is not your dollar store disposable razor! This is built to last, but at an affordable price. My box also came with Angel Shave Club’s signature Sugar & Fig Whipped Shaving Soufflé. You’ve never seen something so creamy and soft! It’s better for your legs than regular shaving cream (and definitely plain old bar soap!) and will leave you with legs a mermaid would envy.

But dolls, the cute packaging, convenience, an all-around-pinkness is not all! Angel Shave Club gives back to girls in need by setting aside a portion of profit for charities that help end illiteracy and educate girls around the world. My heart!!

If you aren’t ready to commit to a subscription plan, you can order their products individually online. In the meantime, follow them on Instagram for woman-spiration!