Finding Your Morning Mantra!

Dolls, it has been a SEASON. I don’t just mean spring, summer, fall, winter, I mean a chapter in the book of life kind of season! 

There have been ups and downs, changes and trials, challenges and wins, but I can honestly say that right now I feel stronger and more confident than I have in such a long time! 

A few weeks ago, @poshpr took such a turn with new incredible clients, events and a pivot from our original path! It has been such a sweet journey and I can’t wait to tell you more about it in another blog post

What I learned during these weeks of change was perspective and grace. I learned how my strengths are connected to my weaknesses and I learned how to prioritize. Instead of going into my head about all of these new unknowns, I started to alter my thinking and launch a new morning routine filled with positive thoughts, scheduled planning, and of course coffee! 

Do you know that successful people are routine-driven? They find their routine and stick to in day after day! Today, I’m sharing my morning mantra with you + hopefully we can find yours too!

The Caroline Doll Morning Timeline

The first thing I swapped out from my morning was focusing too much on the to do’s.

Yes, it is NECESSARY to know what is on your to do list, but it can be overwhelming very quickly. Instead of listing every single item you need to conquer, make group, and use colors to do so! 

  • Pink Pen: These are your top 3 must-do’s for the day!

  • Black Pen: These are your first to accomplish after the pink pen! 

  • Blue Pen: The goals, things you would love to finish but are not time sensitive!

Once you make this list, know that during the day things may shift, but as long as you keep priorities in line, you will have a successful day, everyday! 

The second thing I swapped out was coffee for water! 

Now wait a second, I didn’t lose my coffee, but it was no longer the first thing to my lips in the morning! This may sound so silly and simple, but I actually had to remind myself to drink water not just my morning fuel! I noticed I was able to start waking up a bit more naturally when coffee was pushed back, just a little. 

The last thing I swapped out was not eating to eating! 

I know, since I can remember I have been told “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” Well, younger Caroline and older Caroline have never been breakfast lovers or eaters and honestly, I’m not even hungry in the morning! But, getting in even a small amount in the morning allowed me to have more focus and energy to kick off my day! 

I take time to set the intention for myself, my business and my team.

So, what else does my new morning look like? The hour before my sweet team of dolls arrive at 8, One thing I have always done and always do: Check my bank accounts. Always know where your money is going, dolls! From 7-8am daily you can find me in my office making sure our accounts are in place!

When you set a consistent list of morning tasks and are able to check them off, you will feel like SUCH a boss as you get through the rest of the day! Yes, I actually do put little things on my list like check bank accounts, because when I look back on my list and see 8-10 things already done by 8am, I feel SO accomplished. Trust me, it works!