Skincare is Selfcare

Can you tell how much I love my Kevin Murphy Angel Wash shampoo?!

Can you tell how much I love my Kevin Murphy Angel Wash shampoo?!

Taking care of your skin is SO important. No matter how good your makeup is, it needs a good foundation to go on! Just like how flowers are are always pretty, but look even prettier in the right vase!

That’s why I’m so glad to have so many people in my life who encourage me and help me take great care of my skin–from Dr. Shaw and his entire team, who help me find and highlight my best natural features, to Ana from Rio Fitness, who taught me that drinking water is the single healthiest thing you can do for your body (hair, skin, AND nails!), to my client Sugar & Hive, where I got my first facial, to my sweet friend Amy, who thoughtfully shared with me some of her favorite Rodan + Fields skincare products!


I LOVED how Amy wrote a cheers at the end of her note, “to loving the skin you’re in!” Raise a glass (of water!) to that, dolls! There is only so much we can change about the way we look. I believe every doll has natural beauty. I also believe love is a verb! Love your skin by being comfortable in it, but also love your skin by taking care of it!

Rodan + Fields’ guiding research shows that only 20% of the way your skin looks is genetic—that means 80% is up to you and the way you care for it.

So, first things first! Dolls, ALWAYS remove your makeup before bed! I know, you’re tired, it’s late, the water is cold…but you’ll thank yourself! Amy sent me a pack of instant makeup remover wipes, which are so helpful especially for travelling!

Next, a quick face mask. There are a million face masks in the world: some for once a week, some for right before dates, some for when you’re just treating yourself. This one is to be used twice daily, but only takes 3 minutes to apply and rinse. Do it on clean skin and follow with overnight restorative cream. Your body does so much while you’re sleeping! Help out the natural healing and restoring processes with a night cream like this one and you’ll wake up to a firmer, fresher face.

During the day, SPF is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you don’t want the extra step of applying sunscreen, find a foundation that does double duty, like the R+F Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid! This will ensure that your face looks flawless without succumbing to every day sun damage.

PS: If you travel a lot, like me, you know that different environments call for different beauty routines! Here’s how I care for my skin when I’m up in the air.

PPS: Wondering about that huge shampoo bottle? That’s Kevin Murphy Angel Wash at my favorite hair care spot, Elle Style Studio!