POSH Client: Malva Belle

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, shares all about her most manicured client Malva Belle!

Do you ever experience those moments when you buy something new, a product, gadget, piece of clothing, and then can’t wait until you have an excuse to put it to use? I’ve done that a few times, recently. I had a white mixer, but then I bought a pink one and I couldn’t wait to bake with it! I changed an outfit just so I could wear a cute new pair of socks with booties. I’m not a bath person, but received a pink bath bomb and had to try it!

Well, that’s how it’s been with our new client’s nail care line, Malva Belle. I never thought I’d see the day where I wanted to give myself a a manicure. But when I first received a shipment of her products for a branding shoot, I couldn’t resist! Pretty and pastel, every girl should have a piece from Malva Belle!


I’ll always love my nail salon and visiting with Vy, my favorite nail artist, but having Malva Belle nail files and clippers, buffers and cuticle pushers (and even tweezers) to display on my vanity or carry in my purse for touch ups now and then is perfect!
Helping our client create the Malva Belle personality has been so much fun! With Malva Belle, we’re painting the town pastel — but starting with your nails! Who is Malva Belle? Read below as we tell!

“Malva Belle is a feminine nail care line that takes pride in bringing you quality products to keep your nails professionally manicured. We believe that manicured nails communicate a polished lifestyle. Well made and chic we believe our quality is what makes us unique! The Malva Belle woman exudes soft beauty. Every piece of her life is pretty and polished and painted in pastel. You can tell by her perfectly manicured nails that she pays attention to the littlest of details.”

As soon as we received her products, we got straight to work on curating images that visually communicated JUST that! 

Because everything is pretty in pink, we want you to have the chance to win a Malva Belle Pink Glass Nail File! Enter below for your chance to win!

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