Why I Celebrate Growing Pains...

Growing pains are a part of life. The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, knows how to turn your brand's biggest challenges into your business's greatest success!

Does anybody remember the TV show, “Growing Pains”? I never watched it religiously, but I do remember as a child always wondering why it was called, “Growing Pains.” Growing pains were something that happened when you were getting taller, I thought. What a strange name for a TV show!

It’s funny how growing up gives a whole new meaning and/or perspective to the things we knew as a child. The phrase “growing pains” is such a full phrase when it applies to life. Growth, something that’s generally associated as a good thing, coupled with pain, a feeling we’d all rather do without. 

I’m learning now, though, that without the challenges, without the tough seasons of life, the good things couldn’t exist. Think about it! If everything in life were good all of the time — would you really appreciate it and be able to relish in it? Would you even be able to value it as a “good” thing, relatively speaking?

 I may be getting lost on a bit of a tangent, dolls but the point is life is a co-dependent relationship between the good days and the bad days. 

At POSH PR®, we’re growing. It seems like each week we’re blessed with a new client. That means disrupting a comfortable routine and adapting to incorporating our new client’s services into our schedule, while maintaining a level of excellence for all clients across the board. That’s no easy thing! It can actually be a stressful thing! We’re so excited that we’ve found another doll who will officially start in April, but trusting your business in the hands of a new person is another scary reality — but it’s a necessity we’re embracing, and celebrating!

POSH PR® is growing. That’s SUCH a good thing. But needless to say, there are a few growing pains occurring here and there. But instead of letting that weigh us down, we’re letting the growing pains remind us that something good is happening, something good is on its way. That’s life’s promise, dolls.

Growing your business is scary. Building your brand, changing your brand’s direction is a risk! Handing your social media platforms over to another person to manage — that’s a big responsibility! At POSH PR®, we know exactly what you’re going through and have learned to handle it with grace and excellence — that’s what we insist on. THAT’S our promise. Contact us here if you’re looking for your brand’s new BFF!