Running A Business Is JUST Like Eating Ice Cream

Read more about the The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®'s  sweetest business analogy...

There’s more to ice cream than meets the eye, dolls…

Our visit to the Museum of Ice Cream inspired us in so many ways and we can’t WAIT to share a little more about our trip on one of next week’s blogs. However, on @thecarolinedoll Instagram, I did share one sneak peek of a delicious ice cream treat from the Sugar Factory restaurant. The caption?: 

Running a business is kind of like eating an ice cream cone. At first glance it looks so perfectly put together and yummy! Exciting, right? But then you realize it will melt if you let it sit still too long. You also discover that the strategy for eating the ice cream cone changes as you eat it. And if you eat it too quickly, you have a high risk of getting a brain freeze! The solution? Enjoy every bite because it keeps you coming back for more!

Now that I think about it, candy has a wealth of business analogies! Dark chocolate? It’s bitter sweet. Sour Patch Kids? They’re sour first, then deliciously sweet. 

In all seriousness though, dolls. Eating an ice cream cone is exactly like running your own business. At first glance, being your own boss does seem SO attractive. Wake up when you want? Work where you want? Who doesn’t want that kind of flexibility in their life? But at the end of the day, you’re the one responsible for #allthethings. You have to be ALL in and once your start? There’s no slowing down. Especially in today’s digital world, strategies change daily and YOU’RE the one who needs to stay on top of it all so your business remains current! And yes — if you take on too much business at one time, you’ll reach burn out (which is just as undesirable as brain freeze). 

But at the end of the day? It’s all SO worth it and it keeps you coming back for more. Why? Because you truly love what you do. 

At POSH PR®, finding and serving our ideal clients is the sweetest experience. Serving and empowering women is the heart of what we do. Life will always present its challenges, but precisely because we love what we do, we’ll always keep come back to the heart of it all. 

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