Let's Not Monkey Around, Dolls!

There's no monkeying around when it comes to running a business. The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, shares a few tips when it comes to Mailchimp!

It’s all in the details, dolls. Unfortunately, in today’s digital world there seems to be a new detail everyday! Small things, like including your physical mailing address and not just your e-mail address in the bottom contact box of your e-mail campaigns, can keep you from technically breaking the law! As this is a small detail, easy to overlook, I wanted to share this as a little tip for all of #THEPRDOLLS out there! While I’m at it, though, I thought I’d share the top few things I find most important when it comes to getting the most out of Mailchimp and being compliant!

1. Know Your A/B, and SEE The Difference!

Practice makes perfect. It’s all about trial and error, dolls. Always send an A/B test! According to Mailchimp research (and my own experience!) A/B testing is proven to increase both engagement and revenue from your e-mail! Varying changes in your subject line, from name, content, and sending time — all of these modest changes can lead to major benefits. Set a goal for each campaign you send as well and strategize with that end in mind. 

2.  The List Trinity

You should anoint each of your e-mail lists with these three requirements. 

First, get permission! You must have verifiable consent from every e-mail recipient. According to Mailchimp, this means “…that when you asked for permission, your question wasn't tied in with another agreement. For example, a separate checkbox for "I would like to receive marketing email from XYZ company" is express and clear.” By using one of their signup form options, Mailchimp makes it SO easy for you to track this! Worker smarter, not harder, dolls!

Second, always, always include an Unsubscribe button. Mailchimp requires you to use their specific “*|UNSUB|* merge tag”!

Lastly, don’t be a third wheel and use a third-party list! Your lists should be collected entirely by you — no purchasing, renting, or picking up from another website. Personally, the accomplishment of growing your OWN e-mail list is one of my favorite things! Don’t rob yourself of the reward!

Believe me, dolls. Every single digital platform is constantly evolving and changing. Going forward, I hope to be as helpful as I can when it comes to be current and compliant! 

If you’d like for us to apply our knowledge to your business, contact us here and let’s talk about how we can manage your e-mail campaigns for you!