5 Ways to Effective Collaboration

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, shares 5 ways collaboration elevates your client experience!

At POSH PR®, we believe most women tend to be multi-taskers innately. If there’s a job that needs to be done, a woman will find a way to get it done! If a woman knows what it takes to get the job done, it’s hard for her NOT to get it done herself right then and there. This isn’t a show for independence as much as it is an appreciation for and value for efficiency! This is a woman’s strength almost as much as it is her downfall.

#THEPRDOLLS at the POSH studio all have their strengths. Kym runs the business operations, Virginia produces the creative content, and I oversee the entirety of it all. We each know what we’re good at and excel! But oftentimes, we run into the “island syndrome,” as so many women do. Kym sees the business operations island and sees it as her full responsibility to keep that island afloat! Virginia sees the creative content island and sees it as her full responsibility to keep it lush and colorful! I see the island of POSH PR® and see it as my full responsibility to make it a desirable destination! 

But no woman is an island, doll. 

When we let ourselves come together as a team, THAT’S when we’re able to deliver our best results. Whenever we’re on-boarding a new client, than elevated client experience.

Quality Control

I’m all about the triple check. I’ve always kept myself accountable to this rule. When we’re working on a project together, that’s three sets of eyes ensuring every detail is tended to!

Collective Creativity 

Three heads are better than one, doll. All you have to do is start a conversation and maybe something YOU say reminds someone else of something they saw in a movie or in a magazine. Collaboration naturally lends itself to a multiplying effect!

Problem Solving 

Especially when we work alone, it’s easy to get discouraged when you hit a wall and literally can not break through. Even just sharing the problem with someone else immediately relieves a little stress off of your shoulders. Oftentimes, one person’s problem is another person’s forte! Sharing a problem with your co-workers is a quick way to find a fresh solution! 

Idea Generation 

When we’re collaborating for one client, we’ll find ourselves also coming up with creative ideas for another client! Joining efforts is the quickest way to original content.

Workplace Moral 

As I mentioned above, whenever we collaborate, we end up with an impressive end result that delivers client satisfaction. Each of our own strengths are integral to this and that victory is an invigorating and encouraging thing to share! 

As our clients’ business bff’s, we love working with each other and our clients to create their brand identity! We can totally relate when it comes to wanting to get the job done yourself, but we also know that when we collaborate, we’re able to elevate your brand. And THAT’S always something to celebrate!

Let’s collaborate, doll! Contact us here. 

5-Ways-To Effective-Collaboration